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Fronetics Real Estate Announces Official Launch 

Fronetics Real Estate offers digital and content marketing expertise for residential and commercial real estate clients.

Fronetics Real Estate September 12, 2017  



Finding the Way Out of Inventory Dilemmas 

Organizations with a flexible supply chain network are better positioned to combat the issue of warehouse rents reaching record heights as inventory builds up across the country.

EBN October 25, 2016  

Strapped for Content to Share? Try Reddit

Reddit is a gold mine for relevant, engaging content to share with your social media followers.

DC Velocity October 3, 2016

5 Tips to Build Relationships on Social Media

Participating in social media is not about earning followers; it’s about building relationships.

DC Velocity September 26, 2016

Only 30% of Content Marketers Feel They Are Effective

What makes a team more effective at content marketing?

DC Velocity September 19, 2016

5 Ways to Advance Your Supply Chain Career

The talent gap represents a professional opportunity for motivated individuals looking to advance their supply chain career.

DC Velocity September 12, 2016

9 Career-Strengthening Moves to Make This Fall

If your job has left you feeling stuck in a rut, try these steps to improve your professional life.

DC Velocity September 6, 2016

Waving Tariff Wand Unlikely to Benefit Anyone

Concerns over manufacturing layoffs cannot be solved by waving a tariff wand.

EBN August 2, 2016

The Automated Warehouse: Who’s Driving Anyway?

The evolution of driverless robotic vehicles continues unabated, but what will it take for them to overtake certain warehouse tasks?

EBN July 12, 2016

How to Gain C-Suite Support for Content Marketing

Speak the language of the C-suite with metrics, statistics, and facts that articulate content marketing’s impact on customer acquisition and sales.

DC Velocity July 11, 2016

What You Need to Know About Content Marketing During the Slow Season

Keep producing consistent, quality content during your slow season to win business when things pick back up.

DC Velocity July 6, 2016

Use Data to Drive Your Content Marketing Strategy

A data-driven content marketing strategy will increase your program’s success and help win the buy-in of executives.

DC Velocity June 27, 2016

The Key to Lead Generation: Stop Pitching, Start Helping

Trying to pass your sales pitch off as content will only hurt your content marketing efforts.

DC Velocity June 20, 2016

A Social Strategy Can Help Break Your Company’s Silos

A cross-departmental social strategy can help facilitate company collaboration.

DC Velocity June 15, 2016

The Big Cost of Fast & Free in Logistics 

In the race to get consumers their orders at ever-increasing pace, shippers and retailers try to mitigate the financial impact.

EBN June 7, 2016

When to Fire a Client

Firing a client can help you make way for others who better suit your business.

DC Velocity May 30, 2016

When to Contact a Lead (Hint: Earlier Than You Think)

Engage your leads early in meaningful dialogue to improve your chances of conversion.

DC Velocity May 23, 2016

Should My Business Be on Social Media?

In today’s digital world, it is amazing that many businesses, particularly those in the supply chain and logistic industries, are still questioning whether they should be on social media. The simple answer is yes — social media channels are the ideal place to brand, market, and grow your business

DC Velocity May 16, 2016

11 Tips for Content Marketing Success

A recent report produced by the Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs, and sponsored by Brightcove, found that 81 percent of b2b manufacturers in the United States use content marketing. The same report found that the majority of manufacturers do not believe their organization is effective at content marketing. What are organizations who are not effective missing out on? A lot.

EPSNews May 11, 2016

The Art of Overcoming the Supply Chain Talent Shortage 

Finding the right person for the job requires more than simply posting a job opening. Supply chain recruiter Rodney Apple shares his insights.

EBN April 26, 2016

Pack It Up: the Evolving Business of Protective Packaging

Momentum favors sustainable packaging although there is still a lot of room for improvement.

EBN March 29, 2016

Leads Are Not Sales

If you have a solid strategic marketing plan in place that is generating a high volume of quality leads, tomorrow’s revenue should be almost assured, right? Not necessarily.

A lead is only worth as much as the effort your company puts into cultivating it. The next vital step is to convert those leads into new sales or clients. In other words, getting quality leads is only half the battle.

DC Velocity March 21, 2016

A Good Call to Action Is Key When It Comes to Lead Nurturing

A good call to action will help potential leads feel compelled to choose your offer over your competitors’ offers.

DC Velocity March 7, 2016

Light Bulbs to Rugs, IKEA’s Commitment To Reverse Logistics & The Circular Supply Chain

Reverse logistics presents unique challenges and opportunities. To meet these challenges and take advantage of these opportunities, companies need to be both prepared and flexible.

Ikea, a company known for innovation, is facing the enigma of reverse logistics head on. As part of the company’s sustainability strategy, Ikea is challenging the perception that its products are disposable by creating opportunities to recycle and reuse products.

Cerasis February 26, 2016

When It Comes to Posting on Social Media, Timing Is Everything

Timing is everything, and that statement especially holds true when it comes to posting content to social media. If you are sending out your message and nobody is there to see it, you are that proverbial tree falling in the forest; you did not make a sound. Your post had little to no impact.

DC Velocity February 22, 2016

B2B Buying Has Changed. You Need to Adapt

It is important for companies to recognize that content marketing should be a part of their strategy.
Electronic Purchasing Strategies February 4, 2016

The Majority of Companies Using Content Marketing Should Stop — Now

Every piece of content should provide your customers and prospects with information that is relevant, helpful, and engaging.
DC Velocity February 1, 2016

Counting the High Cost of Doing Nothing 

While many companies may balk at the upfront cost of investing in, for example, warehouse automation technology, holding off on upgrading in the name of saving money can become a costly long-term strategy.
EBN January 26, 2016

Manufacturers: How to Increase Your Growth Rate

For companies to not just survive, but to also succeed, action needs to be taken.
Electronic Purchasing Strategies January 13, 2016

Low-Profile Colleges Pay Off Big for Would-Be Manufacturing Pros 

There is no reason seeking a career in manufacturing should break the bank if students weigh their choices wisely.
EBN January 5, 2016


Data, Meet Content Marketing

Why airing metrics out in the open could be the next big content-marketing trend.
DC Velocity December 28, 2015

What’s Preventing Onshoring from Taking Off? 

There is no easy answer to the burning question why the onshoring movement refuses to truly take off.
EBN December 1, 2015

Not all metrics are created equal: An argument against vanity metrics

Your resources are limited, so it’s crucial to evaluate your efforts with meaningful numbers that illustrate their effect on your bottom line.
DC Velocity November 24, 2015

Social media as a growth strategy

Social media is an ideal marketing platform for small businesses because it can be relatively inexpensive but have a high impact on growth.
DC Velocity November 17, 2015

How to hire a copywriter: A guide for the supply chain

3 things supply chain hiring managers should look for when hiring a copywriter.
DC Velocity November 9, 2015

What Do Apple’s New 6-Digit Passcodes Mean for your BYOD Policy?

In the modern workplace, being able to balance flexibility with security is key to a productive and safe business.
Electronic Purchasing Strategies October 28, 2015

Manufacturer’s Definition of ‘Made in USA’ Costs Big Bucks 

The coveted “Made in USA” does not always mean the same thing to companies as to the Federal Trade Commission.
EBN October 27, 2015

Consumers want instant gratification

Online shoppers want almost immediate delivery of their orders – and they want it free.
DC Velocity May 4, 2015

Pizza Hut Has Something to Teach the Supply Chain

Pizza Hut’s “subconscious menu” tickles our imagination, making it a winner even if it never reaches U.S. restaurants.
EBN April 28, 2015

IT Asset Disposition: Ensuring That You’re Insured

Fronetics’ Kate Lee talks about why it is critical to ensure the safety of a company’s confidential live and stored data on all of its assets, ranging from computers, phones, servers, and hard drives.Electronics Purchasing Strategies April 14, 2015

How to improve tradeshow ROI

If you want to maximize your tradeshow ROI and convert leads to prospects you need to be proactive and you need to be timely.
DC Velocity April 6, 2015

What to Consider When Implementing a Supply Chain Risk Management Program

Creating risk management strategies that focus on everyday events is critical. Dealing with these events in a reactive and piecemeal fashion is inefficient and ineffective and can significantly hurt your company.EFT March 31, 2015

The Long, Long Wait for a Manufacturing Renaissance

Although a growing number of companies are moving manufacturing back to the United States, it has yet to translate into a significant impact on the overall economy.
EBN March 31, 2015

Avoiding Data Breaches in IT Asset Disposal

Companies operating in today’s global supply chain take the necessary steps to mitigate risk when it comes to asset recovery management.Electronics Purchasing Strategies March 26, 2015

Stuck? Here’s how to consistently come up with killer blog posts ideas

Here are 6 tactics you can employ to ensure you will consistently generate killer blog post ideas.
DC Velocity March 23, 2015

Battle for Competitive Difference Fought in the Cloud

As the market keeps growing, an increasing number of global players are wielding cloud-based portfolios to gain a competitive edge.
EBN March 17, 2015

Why the Sharing Company Can Count on Success

Peer-to-peer enterprise sharing holds the key to long-term business success for electronics OEMs.
EBN March 4, 2015

Why you need to blog more

When it comes to blogging frequency matters.
DC Velocity March 2, 2015

Customers Are Online. If You Aren’t, You Are at a Disadvantage

Buyers online are conducting research and gathering information so that they can make a purchase. Will your company show up?Electronics Purchasing Strategies February 25, 2015

Analytics Squeeze Value Out of IoT

Data flows through the supply chain but holds little value unless correctly leveraged.
EBN February 17, 2015

How to get your blog noticed

For your blog to drive profitable customer action you need to get your blog noticed.
DC Velocity February 17, 2015

How Lean is Too Lean?

Several factors have made inventory management a vexing problem for many organizations.
EBN February 3, 2015

To Meet your Customers you Need to be Online

The internet has provided customers with new methods for finding and researching companies as well as new methods for finding, researching, and products.EFT February 2, 2015

Content tools that will help you move from strategy to execution

Businesses have realized that creating and distributing valuable and relevant content in a strategic and consistent manner can drive profitable customer action.
DC Velocity February 2, 2015

Use Social Media to Reduce Returns

Consumers are using social media to help them make purchase decisions.Electronics Purchasing Strategies January 13, 2015

How to Overcome Social Media Challenges

In order to overcome your social media challenges you need to take a data-informed approach. You need to track and measure metrics, and you need to use the data collected to take action.EFT January 26, 2015

Walmart’s Inventory Struggles Offer Valuable Supply Chain Lesson

Walmart’s search for ways to address excess inventory and empty shelves remind us that resting on past achievements is never an option.
EBN January 20, 2015

Marketing metrics matter

Metrics enable you to measure success, drive strategy, and demonstrate the ROI of your marketing efforts.
DC Velocity January 19, 2015

“I am awesome” doesn’t sell

If you want to attract and engage customers you need to stop telling everyone how awesome you are.
DC Velocity January 12, 2015

Looking Forward: The Occasional Pitfalls of Predictive Analytics

While the adoption of predictive analytics keeps growing, a few common pitfalls threaten to lessen the effectiveness of the insights.
EBN January 6, 2015


The Story of Connectivity Told by a Christmas Tree
A wireless Christmas tree encapsulates the increased presence of the Internet of Things in our everyday lives.
EBN December 23, 2014

Make your customers happy. Use social media.
How to get back to basics and delight your customers.
DC Velocity December 16, 2014

Supply chain, here’s how to prove social media ROI
Individuals within the logistics and supply chain industries want to learn more about social media ROI. A recent survey conducted by Fronetics found that 81 percent of respondents reported that information on proving social media ROI would be helpful to their company.
EFT December 11, 2014

Buyers: Online Research Essential to Supplier Selection
The 2014 UPS B2B Buyers Insight Study found that buyers consider online research essential to the supplier selection process.
Electronics Purchasing Strategies December 10, 2014

Where do you go for information and inspiration?
Discover new sources of information and inspiration.
DC Velocity December 8, 2014

How Big Data Solves Small but Costly Warehouse Problems
Big data can untangle and integrate seemingly unrelated pieces of data to solve small but costly problems in any warehouse or distribution center.
EBN December 2, 2014

When it comes to blog content, frequency matters
Companies that blog between six and eight times per month obtain twice as many leads as companies who blog between three and five times per month.
DC Velocity December 1, 2014

Peak Season Demands Real-Time Analytics for Perfect Fulfillment
Speedy order fulfillment comes with a host of challenges — responding to customer demand in real-time should not be one of them.
EBN November 25, 2014

Industrial supplies buyers want you to be online
Your website might be more important than your sales rep.
DC Velocity November 24, 2014

When it Comes to Traffic, Building it is not Enough
When it comes to your company website and blog, building it is not enough.
Electronics Purchasing Strategies November 17, 2014

Conversion rates matter. Here’s how one 3PL got to 14% conversion rate.
Cerasis made the company website and blog the hub of their efforts and gained 715 leads and 98 customers in 25 months.
DC Velocity November 17, 2014

Let’s face it. No one wants to be thought of as a product
We believe a social network can be a tool for empowerment. Not a tool to deceive, coerce, and manipulate — but a place to connect, create, and celebrate life.
DC Velocity November 10, 2014
Cyber Criminals Have Eyes on Your Business, Large or Small

Hackers are turning up the heat on small and midsized companies, raising the question whether there is such a thing as fool-proof protection against cybercrime.
EBN November 4, 2014

Procurement professionals need to become social media gurus
“Within five years social media literacy will be single greatest factor distinguishing top performing procurement leaders from the rest.”
DC Velocity November 4, 2014

How to overcome social media challenges
Within the logistics and supply chain industries found that the three biggest challenges with respect to social media use are: time, money, and a lack of strategy. Here are some suggestions on how to tackle these challenges – and come out on top.
DC Velocity October 28, 2014

Be smart when it comes to choosing social networks
When it comes to social media and the supply chain, popularity isn’t everything.
Electronics Purchasing Strategies October, 21, 2014

Data Overload: The Challenge of Managing Supply Chain Analytics
Analytics is good for business – as long as you can make sense of it.
EBN October 21, 2014

Proving social media ROI
It is possible to prove social media ROI.
DC Velocity October 21, 2014

The logistics and supply chain industries are realizing benefits from social media
Companies within the logistics and supply chain industries are realizing benefits through social media.
DC Velocity October 13, 2014

Warehouse Energy Savings: Boosting Your Bottom Line
Going green in the warehouse is no longer an afterthought, but a necessity to boost the bottom line.
EBN October 7, 2014

Social lurking won’t grow your business
Social lurking will not help you to grow your business.
Electronics Purchasing Strategies October 6, 2014

“Breaking Bad, Manufacturing and Content Marketing have a lot in common. Seriously.”
“Breaking Bad” can teach the manufacturing industry about content marketing.
DC Velocity October 6, 2014

Taking the Doom Out of the Supply Chain Talent Gap
For all of you midlevel supply chain managers with cross-functional expertise, there is some good news: The market can’t get enough of you.
EBN September 30, 2014

Social listening can increase revenue
Here’s how social listening can increase your revenue.
Electronics Purchasing Strategies September 29, 2014

The death of a dishwasher and the rise of the Internet of Things
The benefits of the IoT are immense.
DC Velocity September 29, 2014

Sustainable Packaging Goes Mainstream
A wide range of innovations in sustainable packaging is pleasing both consumers and companies ready to reap the benefits of this rapidly growing market.
EBN September 23, 2014

Which social media channels should your B2B business use?
Here is what you should consider when determining which social media channels you should use for your B2B business.
DC Velocity September 23, 2014

Is On-Demand Packaging Ready to Take Off?
Multi-channel distribution is likely to fuel the demand for on-demand packaging as companies continue their search for more cost-effective solutions.
EBN September 16, 2014

Why your B2B inbound marketing strategy isn’t working
Here are six reasons why inbound marketing strategies tend to fail.
DC Velocity September 16, 2014

Automation: the ‘Do or Die’ of Multi-Channel Distribution
Automation may be the single most important issue for distributors across the country as they tackle the escalating costs associated with multi-channel distribution.
EBN September 9, 2014

A Single Inventory for Both ‘Bricks & Clicks’?
The trends favor a centralized inventory under one roof, but the question whether it is the most effective response to the challenges of multi-channel distribution persists.
EBN September 4, 2014

Marketing metrics to measure success and drive strategy
To grow your B2B business you need to take a comprehensive data driven approach to marketing.
DC Velocity September 2, 2014

How to write a B2B case study that will generate leads
Here’s how you can write a B2B case study that will generate leads
DC Velocity August 26, 2014

Become an industry leader by providing valued and trusted content
By consistently creating, curating, and distributing valued and trusted content you can position your company as an industry leader.
DC Velocity August 19, 2014

What consumer electronics companies need to know about YouTube.
To attract and engage customers, consumer electronics companies need to be active on YouTube.
Electronics Purchasing Strategies August 13, 2014

Why unnovation is a threat to your business.
Unnovation is a threat to your business. Here’s why.
DC Velocity August 12, 2014

How to engage B2B buyers with content.
How you can engage B2B buyers with content and drive profitable customer action.
DC Velocity August 5, 2014

Social media influences consumer electronics purchasing.
When it comes to electronics purchases, consumers turn to social media for information.
Electronics Purchasing Strategies July 29, 2014

Why your recruitment strategy is failing and how you can fix it.
Here’s why your recruitment strategy is failing and how you can fix it.
DC Velocity July 29, 2014

How the supply chain can use social media as a tool to hire great talent.
Here’s how you can use social media to hire great talent.
DC Velocity July 22, 2014

How to attract great supply chain talent.
Here’s how you can attract great supply chain talent.
DC Velocity July 15, 2014

Want to full the supply chain talent gap?  Re-brand the supply chain.
If the supply chain is going to attract new talent it needs a face lift.
DC Velocity July 8, 2014

The role of social media in supply chain risk management.
Social media plays an important role in supply chain risk management.
Electronics Purchasing Strategies July 2, 2014

Multi-channel distribution: Can you handle it?
Multi-channel distribution has gone mainstream.  Can you handle it?
EBN July 1, 2014

Want to be a great content marketer?  Think like a manufacturer.
Want to grow your business by content marketing?  Think like a manufacturer.
DC Velocity July 1, 2014

Sourcemap: end-to-end supply chain visibility
Sourcemap is a social network which provides end-to-end visibility within a supply chain.
DC Velocity June 17, 2014

Same-day delivery: hope for the non-Amazons
Is it possible that the delivery race is giving brick-and-mortar stores a boost?
EBN June 10, 2014

How Twitter changes the game of trucking
Speedy Transport is one company which has recognized social media as a business tool and has moved far beyond the social media starting line.
DC Velocity June 10, 2014

Using social media to move freight
Here are two companies that have used social media to turn transportation logistics on its head – they use social media to move freight.
DC Velocity June 3, 2014

Survey: social media and the logistics and supply chain industries.
Fronetics is conducting a survey on social media and the logistics and supply chain industries.
DC Velocity May 27, 2014

11 Content curation tools for your business.
Here are 11 content curation tools to help your business save time and be more productive.
DC Velocity May 20, 2014

Freight logistics company Cerasis offers sage advice on social media and content marketing.
Cerasis offers great advice on how the supply chain and logistics industries can succeed with social media and content marketing.
DC Velocity May 13, 2014

When it comes to reverse logistics, flexibility matters.
Here’s why flexibility matters in reverse logistics.
Electronics Purchasing Strategies May 12, 2014

Onshoring because IP matters.
The role of IP in onshoring.
EBN May 6, 2014

4 Ways to succeed with content curation.
Here are four ways your business can succeed with content curation.
DC Velocity May 6, 2014

Onshoring: The Role of Transparency
Savvy consumers demand to know something: Where exactly does your product originate?
EBN April 29, 2014

It’s not all about you.  Why content curation matters.
Here’s why content curation is essential to your business.
DC Velocity April 29, 2014

Headed home: The Role of Proximity in Onshoring
There is a new kid on the block, aspiring to become the No. 1 driving force behind onshoring: proximity to customers.
EBN April 22, 201

When it comes to content you don’t need to go it alone: what to consider when outsourcing content.
Here’s what you need to consider when outsourcing content.
DC Velocity April  21, 2014

Reverse Logistics Firms Pick Customer Satisfaction as Top Objective
A recent survey found that reverse logistics companies rank customer satisfaction as their highest objective after sales.
Electronics Purchasing Strategies April 15, 2014

The Dollars and Sense of Onshoring
Onshoring might just be right financial move – and the right move for piece of mind.
EBN April 15, 2014

11 Steps to a Content Strategy
Here are 11 steps to a content strategy for your business.
DC Velocity April 14, 2014

Exploring the Synergy between Onshoring and Automation
With soaring factory wages making China a less attractive option, automation offers many companies a powerful argument to shift production back to the United States.
EBN April 8, 2014

Content is King, but Distribution is Queen and She Wears the Pants
Content may be king, but content is nothing without distribution.  Here’s why your company needs a content distribution strategy.
DC Velocity April 7, 2014

10 Compelling Factors Driving Onshoring
It’s the trend that seemed unthinkable only a decade or so ago: American companies bringing business back from abroad.
EBN April 2, 2014

Big Data: Bigger Isn’t Always Better
When it comes to big data, bigger isn’t always better.
EBN March 25, 2014

How social media can make David a formidable challenge to Goliath
Social media can help small businesses take on the big boys.
DC Velocity March 24, 2014

Intelligent Technologies Enhance the Distribution Center
Technologies that can enhance your distribution center.
EBN March 18, 2014

Use demand generation to grow sales
How demand generation can increase sales.
DC Velocity March 18, 2014

Riding the AGV Trend
The benefits of the AGVs today.
EBN March 11, 2014

Get Smart: 4 things Google Analytics can tell you
Google Analytics is a goldmine of data.
DC Velocity March 11, 2014

Innovate faster.  Innovate better.  Social media as an innovation engine
How to harness social media as an innovation engine.
DC Velocity March 4, 2014

Transform Your Distribution Center into a Profit Center
Here are six ways to take your distribution center from a cost center to a profit center.
EBN February 28, 2014

Trust but verify your reverse logistics provider
Why you need to trust, but verify, your reverse logistics provider.
Electronics Purchasing Strategies February 27, 2014

Save Trees and Money: Reduce Paper Use in the Distribution Center
Paper use is not a thing of the past in distribution centers; it probably should be.
EBN February 21, 2014

Social Technologies at Work
Social Technologies offer business enormous potential – potential to unlock value and and to increase productivity.
DC Velocity February 17, 2014

Distribution: Avoiding the Pitfalls of Growth
Distribution centers are getting bigger.  Along with benefits there are challenges.  Here’s how to avoid the pitfalls of growth.
EBN February 14, 2014

Why Visibility is an Essential Business Strategy
Is your company visible? Here’s why visibility is an essential business strategy.
DC Velocity February 10, 2014

It’s Your Story…So Tell It
Here’s how to present your career story so that you can draw in hiring managers recruiters.
EBN February 7, 2014

What is social media and why you should care
Why your business needs to move beyond the social media starting line.
DC Velocity February 4, 2014

Learn from Zappos: Pay Employees to Quit
Why paying employees to quit is a great idea.
EBN January 31, 2014

Value Optimization and a Holistic Approach to Reverse Logistics
Why reverse logistics  needs to take a holistic view of the data chain and be inclusive of communication not just in theory, but in practice.
Electronics Purchasing Strategies January 30, 2014

Prioritize Networking for Career Best Bets
Why you need to prioritize networking.
EBN January 24, 2014

Jump Start Your Career
Here are 5 tips on how to jump start your career.
EBN  January 17, 2014

Avoid the Pitfall of the Lowest Common Denominator
Want to realize true potential?  Don’t fall victim to the lowest common denominator.
EBN  January 10, 2014

Go Beyond Layoffs to Cut Costs
Layoffs are often the go-to move when you need to cut costs, but they are costly. Before you cut bodies, consider cutting elsewhere.
EBN January 3, 2014


11 Commandments of a Decision-Making Culture

How are decisions made within your company? Here is how to foster a decision-making culture that is easier, faster, and more defined.

EBN December 27, 2013


Set Pricing for Customer Loyalty & Long-Term Profitability

Here’s how to set pricing so that your customers will keep coming back again and again, and help you realize long-term profitability.

EBN December 20, 2013


3 Hallmarks of a Top Performer

Want to be a top performer? You have to have these three characteristics to make it happen.

EBN December 13, 2013


Why Whining Won’t Get You Anywhere

Whining is often used to avoid responsibility and place blame — traits which are inherently unattractive and ineffective.

EBN December 6, 2013


Optimize Your Team for Success

Most teams can decipher what needs to be done easily, but when it comes to the how, new or weak teams unravel. Here’s how to avoid that pitfall.

EBN November 29, 2013


How do we get from strategy to execution? Here are a few ideas.

When understood, persuasion is an effective business tool. Here is how to use persuasion effectively.

EBN November 15, 2013


7 Tips for Mastering the Art of Persuasion

When understood, persuasion is an effective business tool. Here is how to use persuasion effectively.

EBN November 15, 2013


Manage Corporate Risk With Clawbacks

Clawbacks are an essential risk management tool for any supply chain organization.

EBN November 8, 2013


The Key to Employee Retention

While the time and expense of retaining an employee may seem daunting, the cost of losing an employee is much greater. Here’s how to retain your employees.

EBN November 1, 2013


The Case for Reusable Packing

Looking for a way to make your supply chain more efficient? Consider reusable packaging.

EBN October 25, 2013


Speak Volumes With Packaging

Your packaging speaks volumes about your company. Companies need to pay attention to their packaging.

EBN October 18, 2013


Packaging Optimization = Supply Chain Optimization

Packaging optimization is essential to supply chain optimization. Here’s why.

EBN October 11, 2013


Put Your Packaging on a Diet

Fat packaging has a variety of downsides, including higher costs, poor environmental performance, and less satisfied customers.

EBN October 4, 2013


3 Business Metrics You Should Measure Weekly

Here are the three business metrics you should measure on a weekly basis.

EBN September 27, 2013


3 Secrets to Creating Happy Customers

Looking for an effective and low-cost way to delight your customers? Leverage your internal customer workflows.

EBN September 20, 2013


Consult Your Best Business Consultant – Your Customer

Your customers are your best business consultants. Here’s why.

EBN September 13, 2013


5 Critical Metrics for Effective Business

Here are five things you can do today so that your business can be better and run better.

EBN September 6, 2013


Shop Local, a Real-World Business Tale

Looming budget cuts can result in stockpiling. Before you finalize your budget, find out what you really need.

EBN August 30, 2013


Smart Metrics Increase Profits

Want to increase your profits? Get granular when looking at your financials.

EBN August 23, 2013


Keep it Simple, Supply Chain

EBN Weekly August 16, 2013


Electronics Sales: Ford Had It Right

Here’s how to make it easy for your customers to choose your company and your electronics products.

EBN August 16, 2013


Hire the Pick of the Supply Chain Litter

Too many jobs and not enough qualified people, that’s the current supply chain reality. To retain top talent, organizations need to get smarter.

EBN August 9, 2013


3 Steps to a Simpler Budget Cycle

Applying these three simple rules will make your budget cycle easier and more meaningful.

EBN August 2, 2013


Plan for the Everyday Events

It’s critical to think beyond just what’s possible and put strategies in place that focus on addressing the events you are likely to face every day.

EBN July 26, 2013


Managing When Your Eggs Are (Almost) All in One Basket

Do you find that a small handful of clients generate the majority of your revenue? Establishing a culture that not only acknowledges this, but also mitigates potential risks is essential to managing time and resources.

EBN July 15, 2013


5 Potential Pitfalls in International Reverse Logistics

Your organization has just received an international reverse logistics contract. How do you minimize company and client risk when your reverse logistics service offering crosses borders?

EBN July 12, 2013


Find Your Perfect Outsourcing Mate

When outsourcing work, it’s essential to find partners who fit seamlessly with your team’s culture. Here’s how to do that.

EBN July 5, 2013