Account-Based Marketing

The example below outlines an account-based marketing campaign Fronetics recently created and implemented for a client that had very specific prospects they were targeting. The client’s conversion rates really skyrocketed with this multi-channel approach. It also has helped stretched the ROI of other marketing assets, specifically the high-value content pieces.

Target Audience

Sales professionals at third-party logistics providers

Campaign Description

Two-week, multi-channel strategy incorporating direct mail, email, LinkedIn, and phone calls to specific contacts

Fronetics Provides:

  • Copy and design of direct mail campaign
  • All email copy/templates
  • Phone call scripts
  • Copy, design, and set up of LinkedIn Ads
  • Management of LinkedIn campaign activities

Client Provides:

  • List of target companies/contacts
  • Postage
  • Follow-up phone calls with sales leads
  • Follow-up emails with sales leads
  • Lead scoring in CRM to inform refinements of process

Schedule of Campaign Events

Day 0

  • Send direct mail piece
  • Send sales email notifying recipient of incoming direct mailer
  • Begin LinkedIn Ads to target companies only

Day 2

  • Mail lands in targets’ mailboxes
  • Confirm all sales email have been delivered

Day 4

  • Client follows up with targets via phone call

Day 7

  • Client places a second phone call to targets who did not answer first
  • Client leaves a voicemail for those targets who do not answer

Day 10

  • Targets receive an email from the client’s CEO

Day 11

  • Targets receive a LinkedIn Profile view from the CEO

Day 13

  • Client sends targets follow-up sales email

Day 15

  • Client sends targets follow-up LinkedIn mail

Day 16

  • Client places follow-up calls to targets
  • Client leaves voicemail if no answer

Day 18

  • Client follows up via email with 3+ contacts at the organization

Day 20

  • Campaign complete
  • Targeted LinkedIn Ads stop running
  • Assess success