How Are Manufacturing, Warehousing, and Transportation Companies Using Social Media?

How Are Manufacturing, Warehousing, and Transportation Companies Using Social Media?

Fronetics is conducting a survey to determine the benefits and challenges of social media for companies in these industries.

Two years ago, Fronetics surveyed a number of individuals working in the logistics and supply chain industries, including those employed by manufacturing, warehousing, and transportation companies. The survey’s goal was to find out how these companies were using social media, and if they were realizing any benefits or encountering any challenges by participating.

Interestingly, 100% of respondents reported having used social media for 5 years or less. Despite this relatively short implementation period, the majority (68%) said that their companies had already realized benefits from participation — primarily increased engagement with customers, increased market intelligence, and increased business intelligence.

As things go in the technology space these days, social media looks quite different than it did two years ago. What’s more, companies in these industries have, presumably, been using these tools for longer. Have a better understanding of social platforms and more opportunities for businesses impacted the benefit to users?

Fronentics is conducting a new survey to find out. We invite individuals working in the warehousing, manufacturing, and transportation industries — or those in other supply chain and logistics fields — to participate.

The survey takes about 3 minutes to complete. Responses will be reported in aggregate, and no identifiable information (individual or company) will be shared.

We look forward to hearing about your experience with social media!

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