5 secrets to creating happy customers

5 secrets to creating happy customers

By spending time and money on unnecessary bells, whistles, and gimmicks in an effort to delight your customers, you may be cheating yourself out of creating real value for your customers. If your current focus isn’t on your internal customer workflows, it should be. Your customers will appreciate it and you’ll benefit from building more meaningful customer relationships.

Here’s how to delight your customers and start them on the path to becoming evangelists:

1. Make it easy for your customer to do business with you.

Focus all customer-related, post sale activity on making life easier for your customer to do business — more specifically, to do business with YOU. Start by identifying any bottlenecks or delays and then find a way to eliminate them. Talk with the customer. Ask about any challenges they experienced on their end – and respond accordingly. Be the provider that makes it easier for the customer to do business; making a customer’s business run smoother will trump bells and whistles anytime.

2. Empower your employees to respond to customer queries and requests.

Your customer-facing employees are critical to customer retention and satisfaction. Make certain your employees understand the importance of their roles and work to create a culture where employees are comfortable responding to customers. Ensuring employees have the necessary support and resources to confidently interact with your customers will build value that’s likely to boost customer satisfaction rates.

3. Invest in training.

Put your time and money into training with the objective of increasing No. 1 and No. 2 above. Smart, effective employees trump all other investments on the customer satisfaction and retention scale. Looking for proof? When was the last time you were upset with a company because they were smart and efficient?

4. Delight customers to increase revenue.

Keeping existing customers satisfied is the most economical way to grow sales revenue and profits because there are no customer acquisition or startup costs. Keeping existing customers satisfied should be the mantra of your frontline employees.

5. Listen to and learn from your customers.

Query customers about their experience, their current challenges, forecasted industry trends – anything that knowing the answer to might help you serve them better. Your questions might just lead to the discovery of a new pain point that could be the catalyst for the development of a new service offering. New service offerings create opportunities to delight current customers and attract new ones.
Remember, satisfied customers tell three friends about their experience, and angry customers tell their unhappy tale to dozens. These are the interactions that can make or break an organization.

We’d love to hear your stories of excellent or subpar experiences with your vendors. Let us know what happened.

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