Contributing to EBN and the supply chain community

EBN is an incredible resource for those within the supply chain industry.  EBN’s stated goal is “to help answer timeless questions of how the electronics industry should organize manage, manage its supply chain, and navigate its boom-and-bust cycles.”  One of the ways EBN achieves this goal is by inviting individuals from both within and outside of the industry to provide their input on both navigating and succeeding in the every changing global supply chain world.  Or, as EBN puts it: “We are involving voices throughout the industry who live and breathe supply chain. We are assembling luminaries from within and outside the electronics market to offer guidance on the best ways for companies and individuals to leverage their strength and identify both opportunities and potential pitfalls.”

I am honored to be one of those invited to contribute to the EBN community.  I invite you to go to the EBN website and take advantage of the knowledge, community, and resources available.  And while you are there – check out my recent contributions:

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