Digital savvy? Welder? There are jobs available in manufacturing.

manufacturing jobs

As of late June 2014 there were 302,000 manufacturing job openings that were unfilled.  These job openings are unfilled because employers cannot find qualified workers.

Pipe fitters, mechanical engineering technicians, welders, machinists, electronic assemblers, and operators of computer-numeric-controlled machines are the workers that are most needed.  The problem is workers with these skills tend to be older and are at, or nearing retirement.  According to Ben Dollar of Deloitte: “As workers retire, it’s becoming harder to find people with these traditional skills.”  The Boston Consulting Group predicts that the number of job openings requiring these traditional skills will increase to 875,000 by 2020.

Companies with positions related to IT, software development, software engineering, and computer science are also struggling to fill positions (and get current employees up to speed).  In an effort to help train the next generation of manufacturing talent, Siemens USA has donated more than $3 billion worth of manufacturing software to colleges over the past 18 months.

Eric Spiegel, Seimens USA CEO:

The digital world is coming very fast.  There will be jobs.  People may not count these jobs in IT and software development as manufacturing jobs, but they really are related to manufacturing.”

Seimens plans to fill 7,000 more people for these positions by 2020.

What positions is your manufacturing company struggling to fill?

What manufacturing job are you searching for?

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