How the supply chain can use social media as a tool to hire great talent

Hiring the wrong person is a costly mistake not only financially, but also in terms of team morale and productivity.  Making the right hire is crucial.

Research conducted by the PewResearch Internet Project found that in 2013 73 percent of online adults used a social networking site of some kind.  The percentage is even higher for job seekers – 89 percent.  Given the high prevalence of use, it is likely that your talent pool is on at least one social networking site.  Hiring managers and HR professionals within the supply chain industry should use this reality to hire great supply chain talent. great talent

Social media is increasingly being used by hiring managers and HR professionals in their hiring process.  More than one third of employers use social media in their hiring practices, here’s why you should follow suit.

A study conducted by found that 65 percent of employers who use social media to screen candidates do so to see how the candidate presents themselves professionally.  Fifty-one percent of employers used social media to see if the candidate would be a good match for the company’s culture, and 45 percent reported that they used social media to further research the candidate’s qualifications.

Of those employers who use social media in their hiring process, 34 percent reported that they found content that resulted in them not hiring a candidate.  Close to 50 percent of reported that they did not hire a candidate because of inappropriate material in their profile, and 45 reported they did not make the hire because of indications of drinking and/or drug abuse. Other negatives found by the employer were poor communication skills, criticizing former employers, and making prejudicial comments.

A candidate’s social media profile and use can also provide employers with information that can push a candidate to the top of the list.  Approximately 29 percent of employers reported that they hired a candidate because their social media profile supported professional qualifications and/or contained a great reference about the candidate.  Additionally, employers reported that they hired a candidate because their social media profile showed that the candidate was creative, well-rounded, or had great communication skills.

One thing to keep in mind – all  information found online and via social media needs to be treated in the same manner as information found via traditional sources.  All hiring practices must abide by state and federal laws relating to fair and equal hiring.

Social media is a great tool that can assist hiring managers and HR professionals hire great talent.