How to quit your job (without using interpretive dance)

You hate your job.  The hours aren’t right, the work isn’t stimulating, and you feel there are no growth opportunities.  Your new hero is Marina Shifrin and you play her epic resignation video over and over again in the hopes that you: 1) can get up the courage to quit, and 2) you can acquire some of those dance moves.

While going out Shifrin-style may seem like a good idea – it isn’t. Yes Shifrin’s video has gone viral and has gotten more than 15 million views in 10 days, but can you execute those dance moves?  Let’s face it – you can’t.  And even if you could, you’d be seen as a follower – not an innovator.

So what are you to do?

If you are truly miserable in your job start by determining why you feel this way.  Is it the position itself?  The company? The industry?  The hours?  The work-life balance?  Depending upon the answers to these questions it is possible that you could schedule a meeting with you boss or with HR to discuss your concerns.  Perhaps there are changes that could be made within your current position, or maybe you could be transferred to another division.

If, when you get right down to it, you feel it is time to say good-bye, say good-bye tactfully.  So how to quit your job? While going out in a blaze of glory may seem like a good idea, the fire that blaze creates – it burns bridges.

So, when it is time to quit – be prepared to give at least two-weeks notice and leave on a positive note.  The world is small.  Plus, you don’t want to leave the door open for your boss to one-up you.