3 Reasons Why Your Business Should Use Twitter

Why your business should use Twitter

Twitter is one of the more powerful platforms to influence consumers and grow a business. Is your business on Twitter? If not, here are three reasons why your business should be on Twitter:

1.       Be Found

When business consumers are searching for products and services, they typically start online.   According to a recent study by Pardot, 72 percent of B2B buyers begin their research with Google.  Other starting points for research: personal networks (15.58%), Yahoo (5.53%), Bing (2.76%), LinkedIn (2.51%) and social networks (2.01%).

Having a strong presence on Twitter- which has nearly a billion users – will significantly increase your business’ search engine rank and increase visibility.  Why is this important?  If you don’t rank well you won’t be found – 75 percent of users don’t scroll past the first page of search results.

2.       Provide Customer Service – In Real Time

Twitter is an increasingly effective way to provide customer service – and a channel to which many consumers are turning. Your customers may run into issues with your product or service and not have the opportunity to simply make a phone call to a call center or customer service center to take care of this issue. Furthermore, in this day and age, people are using mobile devices more often for their business needs, and Twitter – being a primarily mobile social media network – provides an excellent outlet for customer service representatives to help customers in need. Customer service representatives can communicate more effectively and execute troubleshooting techniques with Twitter than with most other platforms due to the ease of accessibility.

The number of companies handling more than 25 percent customer service inquires via social media has increased from nine percent (2012) to 18 percent (18 percent).  Even as more consumers are turning to social media for customer service, many companies are falling flat with respect to providing quality customer service.  Only 36 percent of consumers report that their customer service inquiry was dealt with efficiently and effectively.  This an opportunity for companies who can/do provide excellent and timely customer service via social media – a J.D. Power and Associates study found that 87 percent of consumers reported that their online social interaction with the company positively impacted the likelihood that they’d purchase from the brand, and that the responsiveness of the service representatives were a key of that satisfaction.

3.       Keep an Eye Your Competitors

Since Twitter is a public platform, it enables you to see what your competitors are doing. When performing an industry or business related search, Twitter can provide valuable insights into what kind of information and services your competitors are providing for their customers as well as help you keep an eye on significant achievements – and sometimes, failures – that your competitors will experience, helping you to make important decisions.

This post previously appeared on DC Velocity.