Also this month in social media news: YouTube has reached nearly 2 billion monthly users; Instagram is developing a feature to simplify multiple account management; and YouTube addresses “dislike mobs.”


  • Social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn are working to streamline their platforms.
  • YouTube usage continues to grow, as the platform begins addressing dislike mobs.
  • Good news for businesses: streamlined platforms mean less busy-work for marketers.

This month in social media news, we’re seeing multiple platforms working to integrate and streamline their services. Facebook is merging its messaging platforms, while Instagram (owned by Facebook) looks to simplify multiple account management. Additionally, a major part of LinkedIn’s upgrade to its recruitment tools involves integrating them into a single platform.

Social media usage continues to grow, and YouTube is no exception, announcing that it reached nearly two billion monthly users in the fourth quarter of 2018. The platform is also seeking to address one of the main concerns that users currently face: “dislike mobs.”

The developments this month are important for businesses to be watching. Facebook’s plans to integrate its messaging will no doubt mean changes to current chatbot options and possibly open up new opportunities for enhanced marketing automation. LinkedIn’s updated recruiter platforms are welcome news for businesses when it comes to identifying and hiring qualified candidates. And if Instagram’s developments pan out as anticipated, marketers will have an easier time managing multiple accounts.

Here’s your social media news for February 2019.

Facebook Is Integrating Its Messaging Platforms

Facebook has confirmed that it’s working toward integrating the three messaging platforms that it owns — Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp — with the aim of facilitating cross-platform communication. Integration would allow users to send messaging between apps, which would remain distinct. Not only will users be able to communicate seamlessly across multiple platforms, features and tools available on each platform will become available across all three apps.

Facebook has confirmed that it’s working toward integrating the three messaging platforms that it owns — Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp — with the aim of facilitating cross-platform communication. Click To Tweet

While the project has a long way to go, with changes not showing up for users until at least 2020, this is big news, and businesses should be keeping an eye on ongoing developments.

LinkedIn Updates Recruiter Platforms

LinkedIn announced this month a major upgrade to its recruitment tools, with the goal of streamlining hiring processes and matching more relevant candidates. From the announcement:

Recruiters have told us they’re often frustrated by the need to jump from tool to tool. We’ve heard you. So we’ve put all of our core tools — Jobs, Recruiter, and Pipeline Builder — on a single platform. Once you create a project, you will be able to see the results from all your active sourcing channels — search results, job applicants, media leads — under the Talent Pool tab, and you can manage candidates from there.”

Additionally, LinkedIn will be adding new AI sorting tools, aiming to find better suited candidates for recruiters, using previous usage trends as well as platform data and learning from personal interests.

YouTube Reaches 2 Billion Monthly Users

Earlier this month, YouTube’s parent company, Alphabet, announced in its Fourth Quarter and Fiscal Year 2018 Report that the video giant has more than 2 billion monthly users. Not only that, the number of channels with more than a million subscribers has almost doubled in 2018. Content creators on YouTube are also making more — the number of creators earning between $10K and $1 million from YouTube AdSense has grown more than 40% compared to a year earlier.

Instagram Is Developing an Account-Linking Feature to Simplify Multiple Account Management

After last month’s launch of a feature allowing users to post to multiple accounts with a single click, Instagram is pushing ahead with its efforts to streamline multiple-account management. It’s now developing a new option that will connect multiple accounts under a single login. The development, first reported by TechCrunch, will give Instagram users a variety of account-management options and allow marketers to cut down busy-work, like setting preferences for multiple accounts over and over.

YouTube Is Asking for Feedback in Addressing “Dislike Mobs”

YouTube is addressing the pernicious issue of so-called “dislike mobs” in a recent issue of Creator Insider, the video platform’s corporate series for creators. The company’s developers are considering multiple options, and while it does so, it is soliciting feedback from creators. Options so far discussed include methods for disabling the downvote button, allowing content creators to set preferences for whether ratings are publicly viewable, or requiring users to provide a reason for downvoting a video.

With its announcement that it is addressing the issue of dislike mobs, YouTube is demonstrating its commitment to content creators on its platform.

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