Logistics industry start-ups leverage social media

Many companies within the logistics and supply chain industries are stuck on the social media starting line.  The reason – “they can’t get past the word ‘social’ and the perception it creates.”  The reality is that social media is a tool that can be utilized to create value and grow your business. 

This is the fifth in a series of articles that provides examples of companies within the logistics and supply chain industries who have moved beyond the social media starting line and have realized the business value of participating in social media.

Logistics industry start-ups leverage social media

Social media allows for instant connections and communication.  Two start-ups, Trucker Path and Keychain Logistics, have created solutions for the logistics industry which leverage these characteristics of social media.

Trucker Path

Launched in February 2013, Trucker Path is a mobile platform for the trucking industry which connects shippers and carriers, and provides crowdsourced logistical assistance.

Specifically, the Trucker Path app (available via iOS, Andriod, and Web) enables carriers to find truckloads, shippers to move their cargo, and for truckers to get crowdsourced logistical information such as the locations of truck stops, rest areas, and information on weigh stations.

Keychain Logistics

Keychain Logistics uses technology to automate the marketplace and match shippers with carriers.

The Keychain Logistics app (available via iOS, Andriod, and Web) provides instant communication between shippers and carriers – eliminating the need for human powered brokerage.

Both Trucker Path and Keychain Logistics have recognized that there is more to social media than socializing – they have recognized that social media is a business tool.