If you want to attract B2B buyers with content, you need to understand what B2B buyers think about content.

93% of B2B companies use content marketing.  If you want your content marketing efforts to be effective you need to understand why B2B buyers consume and value content.  When you understand what B2B buyers think about content you can create and distribute the right content – content that will help you grow your business by driving profitable customer action.

The CMO Council, Content ROI Center, and Netline conducted a survey of 352 senior-level B2B buyers, influencers, and decision makers with the objective of determining content’s role in influencing B2B buyers in the purchase process.

Why do B2B buyers consume content?

B2B buyers turn to content for a number of reasons including to:

  • Learn about new market developments and industry practices;
  • Discover new solutions to address a specific problem;
  • Address a project or a program being undertaken by their company.

Why do B2B buyers value content?

B2B buyers value content because it:

  • Keeps them current on new techniques;
  • Provides strategic insights and shapes their purchase specifications;
  • Educates them about industry issues, problems, and challenges.

content B2B buyers

Source: CMO Council

Understanding what B2B buyers think about content and why they use content will enable you to create, curate, and distribute content that speaks to B2B buyers and attracts new customers and engages current customers.

If you consistently create, curate, and distribute content that B2B buyers find valuable, you will realize results.