Procurious, a niche social network for procurement and supply chain professionals

I was recently introduced to a new social network: Procurious.  Procurious is a niche social network and online community created for procurement and supply chain professionals.  It is a wealth of information, resources, and opportunity.

Developed by procurement and supply chain professionals, Procurious offers a wealth of resources and opportunity for those within the industries.  It not only includes a social networking platform which can be leveraged for networking, communication, and sharing of knowledge, it also provides a comprehensive listing of events happening throughout the globe, on-line learning, a  blog, and a news feed.  In short, it can be seen as a go-to resource for procurement and supply chain professionals.

Procurious is markedly global – Members come from 70+ countries.  Given the global nature of the procurement and supply chain industries, the global nature of Procurious is inherently valuable.  Moreover, as the supply chain industry faces a talent gap and suffers from misperceptions, Procurious puts a much needed “fresh face” on procurement.

“We know that the procurement and supply chain profession has struggled to overcome outdated stereotypes and it’s time we join forces to become more collectively valued. By empowering our future procurement and supply chain leaders, we aim to change the face of the profession from the inside out.”

Why join the network?  Here are four reasons:


After a four month beta period, Procurious launched in early 2014.  Since the launch, the network has realized positive growth:

  • 2000+ members
  • Members from 70+ Countries ­
  • Members come from the private and public sector, including from some of the world’s largest businesses, such as: Apple, Telstra, Lloyd’s Banking Group, Alcoa, Rio Tinto, NHS, Schweppes and IBM
  • 20+ online learning modules – all currently free to access

As I have discussed before, not only is it impossible for you and your business to be present on every social network, it is also not a good use of time and resources.  Instead, you need to identify which social networks (or even which social network) is right for you and for business.

Procurious is worth checking out.  It is free to join and, at this time, all online learning and resources are free.  Register at

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