Here is what Red Sox Nation can teach business

Red Sox

Red Sox fans are known for their loyalty, optimism, spirit, and patience.  The Curse of the Bambino caused an 86 year championship drought.  During these 86 years, and the equally long seeming gaps between the 2004, 2007 World Series wins and the upcoming 2013 victory (remember, Red Sox fans are ever optimistic) – Red Sox Nation aimed high.  Yes we accepted each game won with fanfare, but we never too our eyes off the big win – the World Series.

In business the big win is achieving a specific goal or vision – typically large-scale change or a disruptive innovation.  It takes time to win big.  It also takes hard-work, motivation, and buy-in by your team.  Here is where Red Sox Nation comes in.  Here is what Red Sox Nation can teach business:

  1. Be persistent
  2. Celebrate the daily victories
  3. Never give up
  4. Never forget the big win is the goal
  5. Never aim lower than the big win