Top 7 Email Marketing Posts for 2017

Top 7 Email Marketing Posts for 2017

Email is one of the most utilized tools in your marketing toolbox, but marketers need to continuously develop their email practices to keep up with the rapidly changing interests of audiences.

Email marketing is a powerful tool for growing and developing your business. You probably get hundreds of marketing emails from all kinds of companies you patronize (and even those you don’t) every day. So you know as well as anyone that not all email marketing is created equal.

Especially in B2B culture, there is a right way — and many wrong ways — to do email marketing. Our blog hit on many best practices in 2017 that are important for B2B marketers to keep in mind as they create marketing emails.

Here are the top 7 email marketing posts for 2017.

1. 7 Email Marketing Tips for Manufacturers and Industrial Companies

Here are seven tips for manufacturers to improve your email marketing strategy in the manufacturing and industrial sector. Many manufacturers and industrial companies are still stuck in the one-off batch and blast mode of email marketing. That strategy is not likely to work very well in industrial marketing, where most of the purchases include complex products with long sales cycles, multiple decision-makers, and stakeholders are involved. Read more.

2. 7 Techniques for Personalizing Marketing Emails and Boosting Engagement

Personalizing marketing emails increases open rates, click-throughs, and revenue, but it takes so much more than addressing recipients by name. Marketers can use information they have about subscribers to tailor email content for individuals, based on who they are or where they are in the buyer’s journey. Read more.

3. 4 Email Marketing Stats that Prove You Spend Too Much Time Creating Emails

Email marketing can be a challenge — to say the least. The constantly changing email landscape, marketing trends, and privacy regulations can make staying on top of your email game very tough. Take a look at these 4 statistics and why streamlining and automating certain aspects of your email marketing program might free you up to focus on factors that can make a difference. Read more.

4. Increase Revenue from Marketing Emails by 760% with This One Trick

Email list segmentation is the one of the simplest and most critical practices to improving marketing email performance. Marketing emails are an important part of lead nurturing: They can make or break whether a lead becomes a sale. So marketers spend a lot of time and money thinking about how to perfect their messages. Read more.

5. 5 Biggest Email Subject Line Mistakes to Avoid

Email marketers, beware: If you’re tasked with writing compelling emails to capture online customers, the subject line — the headline of your message — is the first and main spot to grab the viewer’s attention. But, while a cleverly written subject can boost open rates and click-throughs, a poorly written one can have the opposite effect. Read more.

6. Three Marketing Email Crimes to Avoid

Are your marketing emails annoying your customers and prospects? We’ve all felt it: the visceral annoyance on opening an email — because it’s the fifth one from the same company in two days, or because it’s packed with hyperbole or an off-putting sales pitch. As it turns out, recent research has shown that this reaction is only too natural. We’re predisposed to view the tone of email more negatively than it was written. Read more.

7. Mobile-Friendly Emails: 6 Tips for Success

Use these 6 tips for more mobile-friendly emails to improve recipient engagement rates and to promote profitable customer action. When a majority of your audience is reading your marketing emails on their mobile devices, it’s imperative that you’re creating emails that are optimized for mobile viewing. Here are 6 essential tips for creating mobile-friendly email campaigns. Read more.

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