Video: Top Tips for Using Instagram for Business

Instagram for business is a rising trend. Here are some top tips to get your business using Instagram as a part of your digital marketing strategy.


  • Instagram is all about authenticity and personality. Let your audience get an up close and personal glimpse into your company’s culture.
  • Audiences love real-time content and it lets them feel a genuine, human connection.
  • Posts should do more than promote your brand and Instagram Stories are an ideal way to engage your audience!

Video transcript:

I’m Katie Russell, and I’m a marketing strategist here at Fronetics. Today I’m going to talk to you about Instagram for business. Instagram has been growing in popularity, and if you’ve been thinking about using Instagram for your business, here are some tips to get you started.

Be authentic

Instagram is all about authenticity and personality. Give your viewers an inside glimpse into your company’s culture. An easy example would be to create little videos answering your audiences questions. It shows that your viewers are being heard and as well as an opportunity to engage with new audiences.

Keep up the pace

Instagram is one of the easiest platforms to post to, so don’t be afraid to take pictures at meetings, conferences,  or events, anywhere that you are. The pictures don’t have to be perfect, just remember that the more you post the greater opportunity you have to reach new audiences.

Go live

Live video is the “it” trend in social media marketing right now. Audiences love real-time content, and it gives them feel a genuine, human connection that can sometimes be a struggle for B2B marketers.

Be a storyteller

Instagram is all about visual storytelling, so your newsfeed should be more than just promoting your brand. It should give viewers and audiences a look at what makes your brand different. Don’t be afraid to be quirky or think outside the box to show audiences what makes your brand unique.

Out of ideas? Just ask!

Creating content and coming up with new ideas can be a huge challenge for marketers. Don’t be afraid to survey your audiences and ask them what they’d be interested in seeing. You might just get some great ideas you never would have considered.

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