Which social media channels should your B2B business use?

B2B social media

The number of social media channels is astounding –and is growing daily.  Which of these channel(s) should your business leverage?  Here is what you should consider when determining which social media channels you should use for your B2B business.

Your ideal customer

Who is your ideal customer and on which social media sites are they active?  Taking time to understand who your customer is and understanding where they spend their time is invaluable.  If you want to reach potential and current customers you need to be where they are – you need to make it easy for them to find you and to engage with your business.


Identify which social media channels your competition is using.  Do these align with the channels your ideal customers are using?

Don’t be follower.  If your research has shown that your potential customers are using a social media channel that your competitors are not using, don’t assume your competition knows something you don’t.  Play where your potential customers play.


What type of content do you have, and what type of content do you feel will best attract and engage potential customers?  Video, for example, is better suited for YouTube than Twitter.

Finally, it is essential that your business is an active participant on social media.  Only take on what your business can handle and/or consider outsourcing.

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