Create Marketing Emails People Will Open


These tips will help you optimize your marketing emails to improve open rates.

Are you spending time creating marketing emails that nobody opens?

Today, everyone’s inbox is inundated with social media notifications, contests and giveaways, and marketing emails from every company they have even considered buying from in the last five years. How do you make your message stand out enough to not get deleted — let alone, read?

First and foremost, you must look at first-impression factors like subject lines, overall design, organization and formatting, and even when you are sending your emails.

For example, you may imagine potential customers sitting at their desks first thing each morning and going through emails, but that is not necessarily the case. Email marketing company Constant Contact finds that optimal open times vary widely by industry. But, truth be told, the best time for your business to send emails will be unique to your business — and the best way to know when is to test.

Another important factor to consider is how your potential customers are reading email. A recent Experian study found that 56% of email opens occur on a mobile device. If you send a marketing email that is not optimized for mobile, more than half of your recipients are straining and struggling to read your content. You’ve given them a good reason to delete it instead of reading it.

With these things in mind, how do you create marketing emails that potential customers will actually open and read? Here are a few basics:

Optimize what the recipient first sees.

Your sender name should be easily identifiable as coming from you, as this will influence if your reader opens your message.

Convey your point in the subject line.

Your subject line is the first thing your readers see and a major determinant in whether the recipient will open your email or hit delete. It should be short (under 70 characters so it does not get cut off), catchy, and attention-grabbing, but also to-the-point. Recipients should understand what the email is about without even opening it, but the subject line should hook them into wanting to know more.

Create a sense of urgency.

Give customers a reason to act quickly, rather than let the email sit in their inbox. Craft this sense of urgency within your subject line with some form of time limit or “what-you-must-know-now” phrasing.

Avoid words that label your email as spam.

Always avoid using words like “Cash,” “Quote,” and “Save.” Filters are designed to move emails with these words into spam.

Make it personal.

If the recipient is someone with whom you have done business or a potential customer that has signed up for newsletters or promotions, make it personal. Including their name makes the email feel conversational and almost rude if they don’t open it and at least see what you have to say to them. Studies show that personalized email subject lines increase open rates across industries by as much as 40%.

Certainly, open rates are not the only measure of success when it comes to marketing emails. But, to achieve your goals, it is vital to optimize the number of people who actually read your marketing message. Simply put, you cannot reach your audience unless you garner their interest quickly and get them to open up your message.

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