Fronetics uses content marketing to drive results and help businesses grow

content marketingContent marketing has become a key marketing strategy for many businesses. Statistics show that content marketing generates three times more leads than traditional marketing methods – and those leads cost an average of 62% less. At Fronetics, we’ve built our content marketing services around one goal – helping our clients grow. We’re harnessing the power of content to help our clients connect and engage with leads and prospects in meaningful ways. And our clients are enjoying faster growth and higher profits because of it.

How do we use content to support our clients in their business growth?

We create quality content that helps our clients connect with leads and customers in a number of ways. First, we appeal to and engage potential customers by creating relevant content that’s aligned with the needs of our client’s target audience. Then, we nurture those leads into customers by proving the value of our clients’ products and services. Even after they become customers, we work to create positive customer experiences that make it easy for them to recommend our clients to others.

Services offerings

Here’s a quick breakdown of some the service offerings included in our comprehensive approach to content marketing:

Content strategy

Research has shown that B2B and B2C companies with a documented content strategy in place are more effective than those without one.

At Fronetics, we work with our clients to create a content strategy individualized for their specific situation and needs.  We learn about our client’s business, target customers, industry, and competition.  We also conduct an audit of current content and digital assets.  All of this information is used to create an effective content strategy.

Content creation

There is a lot of content out there.  If you want your content to stand out and drive profitable customer action you need quality content.  At Fronetics, we create quality content that is keyword-optimized.  Also, unlike other firms, we don’t outsource content creation.  By keeping all content creation in-house we are able to ensure a quality product.

Lead generation

Once we’ve helped our clients draw visitors to their website, we work to identify potential customers and manage their leads. We create and couple high-value content like white papers and eBooks, with strategic calls-to-action that direct visitors to landing pages expertly designed to convert website visitors into leads.

Lead nurturing and customer acquisition

We work closely with our clients to develop a lead nurturing strategy to convert leads into paying customers using email and marketing automation. By segmenting leads and sending them targeted content designed to catalyze engagement, we help our clients build relationships – and importantly, trust.

Social media

Social media is an incredible tool; however, for it to be effective it must be driven by strategy, be consistent, and must have someone managing the execution.  At Fronetics, our social media strategists distribute content, curate content, engage your target audience, and monitor your social networks. We develop a social media strategy that aligns with your company’s goals.  We analyze your competition, classify your target audience & cultural attributes, identify the influencers in your industry, recommend platforms, detail best engagement practices, create social media schedules, and identify specific tactics that deliver results.  Through the proper execution of social media, your brand is given a voice and personality, and becomes more accessible to your target audience.

Analytics and reporting

At Fronetics we take a comprehensive data driven approach to marketing.  Metrics measure success, drive strategy, and demonstrate ROI.  We provide our clients with monthly marketing reports.

In short, our content marketing strategies drive success for our clients. The Fronetics team is comprised of strategists, marketing professionals, writers, designers, and experts in social media. Together we leverage our experience to increase brand awareness, position our clients as thought leaders, and drive meaningful engagement with prospects and customers – all with the goal of helping our clients grow.

Get in touch with us today for a free consultation to find out if our retainer services, full or half day workshops, or a personalized service offering is right for your business. See how Fronetics can help your business grow.



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