How to go from strategy to execution

how to go from strategy to execution

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Strategy is not execution

Strategy and execution are fundamentally different.  Strategy is about making choices. Execution is about getting down and dirty so that the choices made can produce results. Here’s how you can get from excellent strategy to strong execution.

Strategy is the pursuit of excellence. It is more than white boards, spreadsheets, taglines, slogans, and vanity metrics. Strategy is about making choices on where to play, how to play, and how to maximize value — for your company and for your customers.

Execution is about doing the work needed to produce results within the context of the aforementioned strategy.

Here is how to move from strategy to execution.

Keep it simple. 

When it comes to strategy simplicity is key.  Develop a few simple but big ideas or themes that will drive your organization. Live or die by these ideas. If you develop too many or they are too complicated, you will lose focus and internal buy-in. When you lose focus and internal buy-in, execution is doomed to failure.

Involve your team. 

When you pick your few big ideas (see above), make sure you involve your “front line” team. These are the people who turn action into daily routines. Their insight and knowledge are invaluable.

Be obsessed with your strategy.

If you cannot articulate the “why” of your strategy in everything your organization does, it is probably the wrong strategy. Being obsessed with your strategy means that your strategy can be demonstrated in every action, every day.

Focus on the customer. 

If it is not about the customer, it is not strategic. Everything you do needs to link back to the people who are paying you… your customers. If it does not help them, it does not help you and therefore cannot be strategic.

By staying focused on these business execution strategies, you’ll be able to successfully move your supply chains from idea to reality.

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