Infographic: The B2B Buyer’s Journey

Infographic: The B2B Buyer’s Journey

Today’s B2B buyer’s journey involves more internet research and more social media use.

Technology has completely changed the B2B buyer’s journey. The vast amount of information available on the internet has afforded buyers a level of self-sufficiency that renders traditional sales models ineffective. Marketers must leverage the latest trends and technologies to boost their content marketing efforts and turn leads into sales.

According to Demand Gen Report’s 2017 B2B Buyer’s Survey, respondents cited an increasing reliance on peer reviews as a critical influence in the buying journey. Additionally, personalization is increasingly important: 66% of respondents said it’s “very important” that websites “speak directly to the needs of their industry and expertise.”

But in these changing times, how do companies keep up with new technologies and growing trends? Marketers now, more than ever, need to incorporate new types of content (video, live-streaming, infographics, etc.), utilize social media, and update content marketing practices to align with company sales goals.

The B2B buyer’s journey gives valuable insight into how B2B buyers are finding vendors, engaging with them, and — ultimately — deciding to work with one. Supply chain and logistics businesses need to take the time to understand the buyer’s journey, so they know where they need to invest their time and money in order to get buyers’ attention.

Infographic: the B2B buyer’s journey

B2B buying journey

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B2B buyers are looking for information and are using that information to make buying decisions.  Companies need to be using social media.  Companies need to be creating and curating quality content. It is equally important, however, for companies to realize that content marketing doesn’t shorten the buying process; rather it changes it.

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