Lead Generation Strategy: Attending the Trade Show

Lead Generation Strategy: Attending the Trade Show

Follow these four steps during the trade show to ensure you’re getting the most out of your lead generation efforts.

This is the second installment in our three-part series about generating leads around a trade show.

As you enter the convention center, you feel confident in your preparation for the trade show. You have been setting goals, researching your audience, advertising, and creating fresh content to distribute at the show.

But now you are focused on how to stand out amongst the other attendees. How do you promote your brand while you are surrounded by your competitors?

It should go without saying, but having personable, knowledgeable staff that are excited about the show and eager to educate customers is the foundation for trade show success. If potential customers enter your booth, and they are not immediately greeted with a friendly smile and a helping hand, you are missing opportunities for leads.

Once you have established which staff best suits your trade show needs, you can focus on standing out on the floor. Here are four tips to ensure lead generation success while attending the trade show.

Engagement and lead generation at the trade show

1. First impressions last

According to the Harvard Study of Communications, 55% of first impressions are based on visual cues. The way you look, the way you dress, and the appearance of your booth are saying a lot about your brand and products before you even open your mouth.

The visual displays at your booth should sell your brand as much as your staff. Invest the time and money into shirts with your company logo for staff to wear. Have tablecloths that represent your company’s image. And develop presentation boards that highlight new products and services. First impressions are so important because they last. You want to make sure that every person that walks by your booth gets the right impression about your brand.

2. Extend your reach with a giveaway

Cost-effective promotional items not only provide brand exposure, but also can attract quality leads to your booth. Get creative with your giveaways and use them as an opportunity to spread your logo throughout the trade show.

Giveaway items should be unique and useful. For example, promotional products guru Cathy Houston suggests a money clip for your smart phone. “This slim silicone pocket attaches to the outside of any mobile device and is perfect for storing driver’s licenses, credit cards, hotel keycards, business cards, and cash. … It can be useful to attendees right away.” With people constantly checking their phones, this giveaway will be a visual reminder of your booth across the trade show floor.

3. Create an experience

It’s not enough to simply promote your products and services at a trade show. You need to get attendees involved by creating an interactive booth.

The more hands-on, the better. Live demonstrations of new products allow potential customers the opportunity to try out what you are selling. Creating games or contests also gets attendees involved by having them answer questions or engage with your staff. While interacting with attendees, make sure you are capturing their contact information and leading them to your landing page (that you created before attending the show).

4. Make your attendance known on social media

You already have used social media to let prospects know you are attending the trade show. So keep up the posting and tweeting while you are at the show.

Use time-sensitive giveaways to boost booth attendance and promote special sessions and upcoming presentations live from the trade show floor. Videos and pictures of your live demonstrations and contests are sure to create a buzz amongst attendees. Use these posts to continue to push your landing page and let potential customers know what you are up to throughout the trade show.

Creating a presence at a trade show gives you a powerful platform for meeting new customers, reconnecting with existing clientele, and building a more established brand. Exhibiting at a trade show gives you unparalleled access to important prospects, who are taking the time to learn about your products and services. These four tips can help you get the most engagement from your attendance, while collecting leads that will ultimately grow your business and sales.

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