Social media as a “strategic weapon” for the supply chain industry

social media and the supply chain industry

Many companies within the supply chain industry do not participate in social media because “they can’t get past the word ‘social’ and the perception it creates.”  Companies with this mindset are at a disadvantage.

The supply chain industry is, by nature, an industry that is built on relationships, partnerships, cooperation, networks, and on communication.  Being social is vital to the success of companies with the supply chain industry.  Social media is a platform that is well poised to meet the needs and demands of the supply chain industry – and to help companies within the industry grow their business.

Social media is a tool that can be used be the supply chain industry for: risk management, business intelligence, recruitment, lead generation, engaging with current and prospective customers, attracting new customers, improving productivity, problem solving, and establishing your company as an industry leader.  Moreover, social media can be used as the foundation for a new business model.

Clara Shih, CEO and Founder of Hearsay Social, and Lisa Shalett, Managing Director and Head of Brand Marketing and Digital Strategy at Goldman Sachs, write:

Social media is perhaps best thought of as a set of new and innovative ways for businesses and customers to do what they have always done: build relationships, exchange information, read and write reviews, and leverage trusted networks of friends and experts.

Similarly, Tony Martins, President of Tony Martins & Associates, notes that:

Supply chain executives should look at the social model of collaboration that can be enabled through social media as the most significant strategic weapon in supply chain optimization today. It liberates them from the rigid framework of functional structures and client-supplier relationships. It is the best way I’ve seen to keep the supply chain moving quickly, in spite of the many problems that will always occur.

Still skeptical?  Look at companies who have successfully leveraged social media.  Or, as Shih and Shalett suggest: “As you contemplate the risks and rewards of social media, we would suggest that the key ingredient for evaluation is simply to experience it for yourself.”

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