Supply Chain: Here’s What to Write About on Your Blog

what to write about

Try writing about these topics on your supply chain blog to engage customers.

Content is an important part of many logistics and supply chain companies’ marketing plans. Yet nearly half (45%) say creating quality content on a consistent basis is their biggest challenge.

If your business is part of the 90% that produces some or all content in-house, you have likely struggled with this from time to time. You know that you shouldn’t pitch your products. But, then, what are you supposed to say on your blog?

Here are some thoughts on what to write about:

1) Offer something of value.

Do you have expert advice on a particular topic? Is there something about your products or your people that would be entertaining to your audience? Do you have access to top-of-their-field specialists that could discuss a particular issue?

2) Share your mission.

What is your company’s mission statement? Pick one aspect and describe why this is important to you/society, or illustrate how your company is living up to it. For example, a green transportation company might create an infographic about the industry’s impact on the environment.

3) Tell a story.

What anecdotes can you share about your business? Are their employees with exceptional stories to share? Customers whose narrative bears repeating? What stories illustrate something about your business? For example, Southwest Airlines’ Nuts About Southwest blog regularly shares customer stories — tugging at the heartstrings with nearly missed births, marriage proposals, and, of course, adorable animals — that illustrate the airline’s commitment to customer service and on-time arrivals.

For more ideas and writing prompts like these, check out our free resource, On Writing Good Content: A Guide for the Logistics and Supply Chain.

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