Top 10 Supply Chain and Logistics Posts of 2016

Top 10 Supply Chain and Logistics Posts of 2016

Fronetics is a boutique marketing firm focused on the supply chain and logistics industries. Not only does our firm have deep roots within these industries, we are also focused on the future.

Here are our top 10 supply chain and logistics posts of 2016.

1. The B2B Buying Process Has Changed. You Need to Adapt

The buying process for B2B buyers has become more complex and longer.  The 2015 B2B Buyer’s Survey Report found that 53% of respondents reported their purchase cycle was longer than it was the previous year.  The buying process has gotten longer because the majority of buyers (82%) are using more sources to research and evaluate products and services, and they are spending more time in the research phase itself.   A full 80% of respondents reported they spend more time on research alone — this is up from 58% in the previous survey. Read more.

2. Top Logistics and Supply Chain Blogs 2016

Fronetics names the best of the best blogs in the logistics and supply chain industries. Read more.

3. 5 More TED Talks for the Supply Chain

Here are 5 more TED Talks from 2016 that companies in the supply chain and logistics industry will want to see. They cover a range of topics, from technology to business strategy. Read more.

4. Amazon Loves Logistics? The E-Commerce Giant’s Next $400B Opportunity

Amazon’s ever-expanding foray into the logistics space could turn the industry on its head. Read more.

5. Shipping Company Eimskip Places a High Value on Culture and Art; It’s Paid Off

Culture is not rhetoric for Eimskip.  This key player in worldwide reefer logistics has placed a high value on culture since it was founded in 1914.  “When identifying where we operate,” says Isfeld, “we look to smaller communities where there are cultural similarities and where we can make connections and be involved.” Read more.

6. How Supply Chain and Logistics Companies are Using the Internet of Things

New research shows how supply chain and logistics companies currently are using the Internet of Things and how they plan to expand use in the future. Read more.

7. Five Go-To Supply Chain Websites

If you’re looking for the latest news and information about happenings in the industry, you should have these five supply chain websites on your radar. In no particular order. Read more.

8. Brexit and the Supply Chain

As uncertainty pervades following Brexit, experts speculate about the impact a divorced U.K. and E.U. will have on the global supply chain. Read more.

9. Infographic: Examining the Demographics of the Supply Chain

The Supply Chain industry is changing, while it’s becoming harder for companies to hire at the same time. These supply chain demographics provide a picture of the industry today. Read more.

10. Supply Chain: Get to Know Millennials

They are your employees. They are your customers. Pretty soon, Millennials will be the supply chain. Read more.

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