Top Logistics and Supply Chain Blogs 2016

Fronetics names the best of the best blogs in the logistics and supply chain industries.

The logistics and supply chain industries are catching on to how successful a blog can be as part of an inbound marketing strategy. Companies are creating content that not only fuels conversation about industry best practices, trends, and issues, but also helps drive business to their websites.

Fronetics Strategic Advisors conducted a survey in January 2016 to determine the top logistics and supply chain blogs in the industry. Here are the results:

#1 Logistically Speaking


Dallas, TX-based Transplace is a 3PL and technology provider serving manufacturers, retailers, and consumer and chemical packaged goods companies. Logistically Speaking is the company’s thought leadership blog. It tells “the latest and the greatest supply chain and transportation stories” through Infographics, interviews with logistics executives, and informative articles offering information and advice.

Readers love: the weekly “TIP list,” or Transportation Industry’s Progression, which curates a short list of articles concerning trending topics and advancements in the industry

#2 Transplace

transplace-ceo-blogTransplace’s CEO Tom Sanderson shares information, opinions, and analysis of factors affecting the supply chain — including company economic data, freight transportation regulation and legislation, and carrier and 3PL financial performance. The blog is rich with charts and graphs that offer big-picture insight on what’s going within the industry.

Readers love: Sanderson’s no-nonsense breakdown of the most pressing issues facing the supply chain

Jennifer Cortez, Director, Marketing Communications, is thrilled with Transplace being recognized by Fronetics and the industry:

“We are thrilled to be recognized as the top logistics and supply chain blogs in 2015. At Transplace, we pride ourselves on providing timely and relevant content to our customers and the industry. Our goal this year is to further connect Transplace and our thought leaders with emerging industry trends.”

procurious#3 Procurious

Procurious is a UK-based online business network with news, education, discussion forums, and events for procurement and supply chain professionals. The blog goes beyond industry insights — it’s a savvy guide to career advancement and skill development. Articles are written for the modern-day professional, in sync with Procurious’s forward-thinking brand.

Readers love: original series like Life & Style and #firstmovers, which cover interesting, relevant topics in the procurement world.

Thank you to all who took our survey to find the top logistics and supply chain blogs!


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