Top 8 Online Logistics Tools For Logistics Professionals

Top 8 Online Logistics Tools For Logistics Professionals

Try these affordable online tools and mobile applications to help the logistics professional control their business.

This guest post comes to us from Adam Robinson, marketing manager at Cerasis, a top freight logistics company and truckload freight broker.

Logistics professionals require exemplary international online logistics tools to help them carry out their daily businesses with ease and deliver the best for their customers. For any developing business, adopting the widely used and affordable technologies is more economical. Mobile phones can offer incredible services in any business from inventory tracking and shipments to the execution of procurement transactions. Let’s base our discussion on online trucking logistics and mobile applications that can be used in supply chain management on a global basis by the logistic professional to control their business.

Top 8 Online Logistics Tools For Logistics Professionals

1. The Scandit mobile application software

Scandit is one of the top mobile online logistics tools used in international logistics in supply chain management. It is an advanced barcode scanner that is capable of extending bar code scanning to technology savvy inventory manager. Unlike other scanners, the scan in Scandal doesn’t have to be perfect to process data as it can scan hard to reach the barcodes with ease. It is also cross-platform enabled to facilitate ease of data sharing across other networks online.

2. The Easy stock mobile application software

This optimization tool for inventories is cloud based. It systematically limits access from the warehouse locations to minimize cost while maximizing on the availability of highly profitable items. It is one of the essential online logistics tools that can help managers forecast, plan the inventories, and a budget for the available resources. Most logistics prefer integrating the use of this app to automate procurement and replenish other processes to raise the profit margins.

3. The Web fleet Android application

The web fleet Android application is an incredible mobile application suitable for retaining control of the daily operations of your workforce. This app can be accessed through web browsing, where the logistic professionals can manage their business in real time just from their phones or laptops at the comfort of their seats. This application will help you track the daily operations 24 hours to ensure the credibility of your workforce and efficiency in your operations.

4. Service Max mobile app

Service Max mobile app is one of the best and top-selling apps in service management field that every logistic professional should consider using. The app combines the integration of service contracts, management of orders, workforce optimization and monitoring of social media customers. It builds an end-to-end service organization view of your relations with the clients who help you analyze the quality of your services and the reactions of the customers towards them. The feedback shared through social media, such as Twitter, by the people using your services helps you to gauge yourself and point out the areas that require improvement.

5. The Co-pilot Android mobile app

Co-pilot Android mobile app is an incredible online logistics tool employed in international logistics. It offers mapping and direction routing. It facilitates navigation through online tracking of your vehicle for efficiency. The application has additional algorithms that help the truck drivers follow efficient routes to avoid traffic and other obstacles that can delay the delivery. It is with a 100% surely that every logistic will be interested in the quick delivery of his/her business services within the shortest time possible which can be catered for using this application. The app also gives the dynamic information of the various navigation routes such as truck height and weight to ensure smooth navigation in the designated routes.

6. The Logistics mobile app

Logistics is a multipurpose free on-line Android mobile application used for on-line tracking logistics. It can be used to track drivers, shipment of goods, vehicles and client’s operations. Every logistic professional should look for this app to increase the visibility of the entire supply chain with the use of a smartphone. This incredible app will help you monitor and track your logistic operations with ease and confidence.

7. The Evernote online mobile application

Evernote, as well as Eduzaurus, has been rated as the best tool used by professional logistics in organizing important files, documents and images and is, therefore, a widespread global application in the field of supply chain management. It is widely known and used in online filing and storage of documents used in the supply chain. It has an added advantage as compared to other supply chain mobile applications due to its ability to record voice memos when you are away through an inbuilt voice recording technology. This helps the manager to track the success of the workforce when away. With this mobile application, it is a guarantee of success to the managers and logistics in file organization field.

8. The Cerasis Rater — A Web-Based Transportation Management System with Companion Mobile App

The Cerasis Rater allows you to process shipments for the following over-the-road modes:

  • Less than truckload
  • Small Package, also known as Parcel
  • Intermodal
  • Full Truckload moves

The Cerasis Rater eliminates the manual process of booking shipments. Before using online logistics tools, you’ve most likely wasted time, energy, and money trying to maintain your carrier rates, calling carriers to try and get the best price, and lost efficiency from having to keep up with paper bills of lading. The Cerasis Rater offers many automation & efficiency benefits to include:

  • Process your own shipment, at any time, 24/7 through our web-based portal.
  • Upload, store, and maintain your shipper address book with pre-population to maintain accuracy and save time.
  • Store your custom commodities, and over time the Cerasis Rater puts the most commonly used to the top of the list for faster processing.
  • Choose from multiple carriers whose rates are negotiated specifically to your needs within the system, allowing you to not waste time or energy, and to not leave money on the table at the time of shipment.
  • Choose carriers based on rate, transit time, and limit of liability to ensure your cargo and your peace of mind are covered.
  • Print batch freight quotes, bills of lading, invoices, and labels all within the same system.
  • Create, email, and print bills of lading when you are done processing your freight shipment.
  • E-mail notification options customized to your needs.

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