Transfix and the Uberfication of Trucking

uberfication of trucking

Transfix is poised to disrupt and transform the trucking industry.

Uber, the on-demand driver for hire mobile service, has come to stand for disruption.  The company has not only transformed the taxi industry, it has changed everything.  Uber, Aaron Levie notes, is a “lesson in building for how the world *should* work instead of optimizing for how the world *does* work.” NY-based start-up Transfix is doing just this.  With the launch of the company’s new app, Transfix is poised to disrupt the trucking industry.

The trucking industry is huge.  Valued at $800 billion, the industry moves the majority (67%) of freight tonnage in the US.  To move this volume of freight, more than 3 million trucks log close to 100 billion miles annually.  It is, therefore, not surprising that “truck driver” is the most common job across the US.  What is surprising is that the industry is riddled with inefficiencies.  One of the greatest inefficiencies has to do with needless miles. Drew McElroy, co-founder of Transfix, estimates that U.S. commercial trucks drive 19 billion needless miles each year.  That’s a lot of needless miles.

Together, the industry’s inefficiencies have a significant impact not just on the bottom line, but also on the cost of goods, the environment, our country’s infrastructure, traffic, and on the truck drivers themselves.

the uberfication of trucking TransfixTransfix takes the industry’s inefficiencies head on.  Transfix is a digital on-demand freight marketplace. It provides industry-leading mobile technologies and location-based jobs offers for independent over-the-road truck drivers, as well as cloud-based management platforms for small carriers and shippers.

Transfix’s app integrates with the company’s digital marketplace and is driver-centric.  The app gives drivers the ability to manage loads, map their itinerary, and manage payments.  The app also provides truck drivers with trip planning essentials including the location of showers, ATMs, weigh stations, fuel prices, and weather.

The app is available for iOS and Android.

Barnes and Noble is one of Transfix’s early adopters.  According to McElroy, Barnes and Noble has realized improvements in their processes and has seen their deadhead runs (times driving without cargo) cut by at least 50%.

Transfix co-founders Drew McElroy and Jonathan Salama have identified how the trucking industry should work and have provided industry stakeholders with the tools to make it happen.  Transfix is poised to disrupt and transform the trucking industry.  With Transfix, we are witnessing the Uberfication of trucking.



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