4 Online Tools for Generating Blog Post Ideas

4 Online Tools for Generating Blog Post Ideas

Looking for blog post ideas? Try using these resources to create topics that are original, relevant, trendy, and — most of all — relevant to your business.

I’ve said it once — ok, way more than once — but I’ll say it again: The more you blog, the more leads you’ll get.

That’s all very well and good, but what happens when you have no idea what to write about?

As usual, the internet is coming to your rescue. Here are four of our favorite online tools to help you generate blog topic ideas.

4 online tools to generate blog post ideas

1) HubSpot’s Blog Ideas Generator

Remember Mad Libs? Give HubSpot three nouns, and its Blog Ideas Generator will give you blog ideas.

While not exactly a Mad Lib, this tool is a great way to focus on topics where you want to cultivate your authority. It’s an excellent way to generate blog post ideas for a topic cluster, in line with existing pillar content.

2) Alltop

Co-created by legendary business advisor and author Guy Kawasaki, Alltop describes its goal as helping you to answer the question “what’s happening” in topics that pertain to your business.

Essentially, it’s a list of recent posts from the most trusted blogs on each topic. Select your topic, and you’ll get posts relating to that topic from the top blog in each industry. It’s gives you a great “in” on the most important conversations going on among thought leaders in the supply chain — and your goal is to become one of them.

3) Ubersuggest

It may not be the best tool for coming up with actual post titles, but Ubersuggest is a great way to generate general topic ideas for new posts. Enter a word or phrase, and Ubersuggest produces a long list of results containing the word or phrase followed by related phrases.

4) Twitter

Yes, you read that right. Twitter can actually be a great way to generate blog post ideas. Click To Tweet

Try running a Twitter search using your keyword proceeded by a hashtag (#procurement, for example) to get a list of tweets containing your keyword. Twitter also has the bonus of being likely the most up-to-date conversation you can find on the web.

Do you use any tools to generate blog post ideas?

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