Content use in the logistics and supply chain industries: Infographic

Chief among the determinants of success and failure of companies around the world is the ability to effectively communicate ideas and information. Both internal and external communication play critical roles in advancing business objectives. To be sure, connecting with audiences to convey messaging is a central component of building a solid business strategy. Recent cultural shifts and advances in digital technology have pushed aside traditional methods of communication and given way to the rise of a new type of communication strategy– one that puts content at the very center.

Fronetics Strategic Advisors conducted a survey to better understand the role and use of content within the logistics and supply chain industries.

The survey found that companies within the logistics and supply chain industries are using content as a marketing tool and are realizing benefits.

Survey respondents were asked to identify the goals of their company’s content strategy.  The top three goals identified were:

  • Increasing brand awareness
  • Lead generation
  • Establishing the company as an industry leader.

To learn more, check out our infographic, or download the report.

Infographic: content use in the logistics and supply chain industries

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