Lead Nurturing through Special Offers


Enticing potential customers with exclusive, high-value offers is an important component of lead nurturing and lead generation.

Your strategic marketing objectives boil down to one basic mission: to generate a high volume of quality leads. This will drive tomorrow’s revenue and an increase in sales and profits. Yet, only one in 10 marketing professionals feel they have an effective lead-generation strategy in place.

Since a productive lead-generation campaign consists of many interconnecting layers, it can be hard to pinpoint what is limiting your success. But, if you are seeking more leads for your business (and who isn’t?), consider these proven tactics for achieving successful lead generation.

First, for tactical reasons, your overall campaign must contain these components:

  • Something To Offer. An offer is content that is perceived to be high in value. Offers include ebooks, whitepapers, free consultations, product demonstrations, or discounts.
  • A Call to Action. This is either a small paragraph of text, an image, or a button that links the potential customer to a landing page to download what you have to offer.
  • An Awesome Landing Page. This is a specific page designed to allow the potential client to download your offer.
  • Forms to Gather the Lead Info. Essentially, they get the download; you get their contact information.

These four valuable components set the stage for capturing exponentially more lead information than ever before to grow your business.

Creating the Most Inspiring Offers

Just because you have identified leads does not mean they will convert to customers. Lead nurturing helps build a relationship with your potential customers, gain their trust, and raise their awareness about your business and products. The four steps above are critical to the lead nurturing process. But, unless you offer something that your potential customers want, you will not get past the first one.

So, what entices people to click “yes” to an offer?

The majority of us want anything that is considered exclusive, scarce, or in high demand. Suddenly, something becomes more desirable if it appears like we are getting the scoop on a special deal or valuable information.

The higher the perceived value of your offer, the more irresistible it becomes. So, whether your offer is whitepapers, downloads, free trials, memberships, or sales promotions, these irresistible elements can overcome a lead’s typical friction, doubt, or concern.

The elements to creating a feeling of exclusivity and special value in your offer include:

  • Limited-time offers. This creates scarcity to your offer.
  • Limited quantities. What you are offering is unique and has exclusive value, and procrastination may mean missing out.
  • “X number of people have seized this offer.” Human nature is to follow what others do. State how many people have downloaded your offer or benefited from your information to encourage others to do the same.
  • Content that matches current news trends. Content tailored to whatever is trending in the news (or to whatever is in high demand at the moment) is more relevant and relatable to potential customers, who are likely engaged with those trends in other ways as well.
  • A title that hooks interest. People actually do judge a book by its cover and will not want to see more if you bore them.
  • Several Call to Actions, offered at different stages. Pursue buyers at different levels of readiness with different CTAs. People often do their own research before even engaging with a sales rep, and every prospect is at a different stage of exploration. Develop different offers at different stages in the buying cycle, and include a primary and secondary CTA to these offers on various pages throughout your site.
  • Avoid professional jargon. Terms and phrases that have been over-used and abused are meaningless and won’t hook potential buyers. They include: groundbreaking, cutting-edge, scalable, flexible, and robust, just to name a few.

To further ensure enticing more leads, your offer should provide something that is considered of high-value. Not all offers are created equal. Some “formats” perform better than others at converting leads. Here are a few of the top-ranked offers, in order of performance, when it comes to generating leads:

  • E-books or guides
  • Templates or presentations
  • Research and reports (e.g., State of Inbound Marketing)
  • Whitepapers
  • Kits (multiple offers packaged together)
  • Live webinars
  • On-demand videos
  • Blogs (including offers in the nav or sidebar)
  • Blog posts (if there is a CTA in the post)

There are many more ways you can capture successful leads and fine-tune your marketing plans in a way that turns leads into customers. For more proven tips, download The 30 Greatest Tips & Tricks That Will Change The Way You Nurture Leads, which offers dozens of other techniques marketers should follow to increase leads and revenue.

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