13 Stats About Outsourcing Content Marketing

13 Stats About Outsourcing Content Marketing

Considering outsourcing some or all of your content marketing? Check out these statistics.

Companies turn to content marketing to build brand awareness, generate leads, and drive sales. But the constant creation and distribution of original content can drain an organization’s resources. That’s why many choose to outsource all or some of their content marketing efforts to content partners or marketing firms.

If your business is exploring outsourcing as an option, here are some statistics that you might find interesting.

13 stats about outsourcing content marketing

51% of B2B marketers list lack of time/bandwidth to create content as one of their top content marketing challenges, and 50% list producing enough content variety/volume as well. (LinkedIn Technology Marketing Community)

30% of B2B marketers say an external agency/consultant is one of the top resources for content creation for their organizations. (LinkedIn Technology Marketing Community)

The two most outsourced content marketing activities:

  • Writing (44%)
  • Design (41%)

(LinkedIn Technology Marketing Community)

Marketers are outsourcing 18% of their content, with the remaining content being created in-house, curated or syndicated. (Curata)

Only 25% of marketers don’t outsource any content creation. (LinkedIn Technology Marketing Community)

About two-thirds of marketers outsource less than one-third of their content creation. (LinkedIn Technology Marketing Community)

Business bloggers outsource 14% of their blog posts. The best practitioners outsource 24%. (Curata)

What are the most effective resources for video marketing content creation?

  • Combination of outsourced and in-house resources (70%)
  • Outsource to a specialist (22%)
  • In-house resources only (8%)

(Ascend2 2015 Study)

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