Survey 2016: How Does Your Company Use Social Media and Content?

Survey 2016: How Does Your Company Use Social Media and Content?

Fronetics is conducting a survey to determine how companies in the logistics and supply chain industries are using content and social media.

Have you ever wondered how your competitors, customers, and business partners are using modern marketing tools like social media? Are you curious how many companies like yours have a blog, how often they publish, and, more importantly, how many are generating new business from it?

Fronetics was curious about these questions and more. So we conducted our first industry-wide survey back in 2014 to learn how logistics and supply chain companies were using content and social media as part of their marketing programs.

The results were very telling. Though all reported leveraging these tools for only a short while, the majority had already seen a positive impact on their business. To read the full reports, click below.

Well, a lot has happened in two years. And, once again, Fronetics would like to take the temperature of the industry to see how the use of social media and content has changed (or stayed the same). So we are launching a new survey for individuals working in the logistics and supply chain industries to weigh in on how their companies are using these tools today.

Each survey takes about 3 minutes to complete. Results will be reported in aggregate, using no personal or company information from respondents. Those wishing to receive the completed report can indicate this preference during the survey.

Please click the buttons below to take our surveys. We look forward to hearing your responses!

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