Top 3 Logistics and Supply Chain Blogs of 2019

Top 3 Logistics and Supply Chain Blogs of 2019

Our readers voted Cerasis, Women in Trucking, and Hollingsworth as the top 3 logistics and supply chain blogs of 2019.

You voted, and the results are in! Cerasis is your number one favorite blog of the year, with Women in Trucking and Hollingsworth coming in second and third.

We love hearing what blogs you enjoy reading and find valuable. There are lots of great industry options, so we know it’s not easy to narrow down your favorites. We had lots of great responses, but only Women in Trucking held its spot on our list of the top logistics and supply blogs from 2018 and 2017.

Aside from Women in Trucking, what did remain consistent from previous years is the quality of the content and the consistency of posting by the three winners. These key components have remained invaluable across all successful logistics and supply chain blogs.

Here are the top 3 logistics and supply chain blogs of 2019.

1. Cerasis

As a third-party logistics company, Cerasis works to decrease freight management inefficiencies and to provide maximum hard and soft cost savings for their customers in the process of shipping LTL (less than truckload) or truckload freight and small package freight. The blog focuses on transportation industry trends and logistics solutions with relatable topics and insightful content.

2. Ellen’s Blog for Women in Trucking

The Women in Trucking Association is a non-profit organization focused on encouraging the employment of women in the trucking industry, promoting their accomplishments, and minimizing obstacles. President and CEO Ellen Voie’s blog offers thought-provoking insight on topics from best practices to becoming a thought leader in a mostly male dominated industry. Her years of experience and passion for advancing women’s positions within the trucking industry make her blog invaluable to readers. For the third year in a row, this blog has been one of our readers top favorites due to the relatable topics and insightful content, such as family problems stemming from job-related realities and assimilating to trucking culture.

3. Hollingsworth

Utilizing best-in-class warehouse management technology, Hollingsworth offers complete, real-time visibility of the supply chain. The blog focuses on topics ranging from complex order fulfillment strategies to best practices for optimizing supply chain management. Industry tips, new technologies, and the latest strategies are just some of the topics covered in the articles.

Runner up: Argentus

Argentus, a leading supply chain recruiting firm, pulls collective expertise to good use to ensure clients are provided with the best talent available at all levels. Argentus’ blog is a go-to source for posts on talent, leadership and supply chain employment trends. Whether you’re looking for tips on hiring industry leaders, retaining your top talent, or promoting professional development, Argentus’ blog has you covered. It also regularly features guest bloggers from verticals throughout the supply chain.

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