Top 3 Priorities for Manufacturing Companies in 2018

Top 3 Priorities for Manufacturing Companies in 2018

Manufacturing companies are hoping to continue their revenue growth in 2018 by focusing on 3 key areas.

KLR has released the results of its annual manufacturing industry outlook report, and the optimism following last year’s elections will continue straight through 2017.

With promises of tax reform, decreased federal regulations and looser trade agreements, manufacturers have slowly seen revenue growth throughout the U.S. markets. That growth is projected to continue into 2018.

56% of respondents expect business will continue to increase throughout the year.

And though manufacturing companies are striving to control their costs and cut back on unnecessary expenses, many companies reported increasing their marketing budgets, including technology, to invest in the future of their revenue growth.

So where is the additional money going? Manufacturing companies are investing their profits back into new products, expanding markets and breaking into new territories.

Here are the top 3 priorities for manufacturing companies in 2018.

1. Increasing share in existing markets

Over the next 12 to 18 months, 64% of the manufacturers surveyed expect their growth to come mainly from increased market share and organic growth in existing domestic markets. Manufacturing companies are looking to increase their market share through innovation, strengthening customer relationships, reliable hiring practices, and staying ahead of their competitors.

2. Seeking new markets for products and services

Manufacturing companies are trying to think outside of the box when it comes to expanding their markets. Avon got its big break when it took the now-dated approach of selling products door to door. By trying a different avenue, it was able to increase revenue without fighting for retail space with other corporate giants. Like Avon, companies are working hard to come up with innovative ways to break into untapped markets.

3. Developing new products and services in response to changing consumption patterns

Using social media platforms and other marketing tools, it’s easy for manufacturing companies to stay in touch with their customers. This engagement provides the best insight into the types of products, features and solutions your customers are looking for. Based on this crowdsourcing, or social listening, companies are able to develop products that they know will resonate with consumers and their changing needs. Though product development can be expensive and risky, incorporating customers into the conversation helps manufacturing companies minimize risk.

Despite growth throughout 2017, there are still challenges that manufacturing companies face. How are manufacturers coping with these challenges? They are adjusting their priorities and focusing on these three areas to continue growing their business and, ultimately, their sales.

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