Top 5 Sales and Lead Generation Posts of 2016

Top 5 Sales and Lead Generation Posts of 2016

At Fronetics, we work with companies in the logistics and supply chain industries to create and execute digital and content marketing strategies.  Understanding the sales processes of our clients, working closely with sales, and developing effective lead generation strategies is at the heart of what we do.

Here are our 5 most read sales and lead generation posts of 2016.

1. Marketing vs. Sales: Why There Shouldn’t Be a Competition

Sarah Collins, an intern Fronetics and a student at James Madison University, College of Business studying Marketing, writes how aligning sales and marketing helps companies achieve 20% higher annual growth rates and improves deal closings by 67%. Read more.

2. Don’t Let That Lead Die!

Leads are only valuable if they convert into customers. So, generating quality leads is only half the battle. You need a sales team that knows how to resuscitate a lead, nurture it, and, ultimately, turn it into a customer. Read more.

3. Adapting B2B Sales for the Information Age

B2B sales must recognize and accommodate buyers at various levels of self-sufficiency in the purchasing process. Read more.

4. Landing Pages & Forms & More – Oh My! Capturing Leads Effectively

The most efficient lead-generation strategy includes a way to capture potential customers’ information. Read more.

5. A Call to Action is Key to Any Lead Nurturing Campaign

If you feel your marketing campaign falls short in generating quality leads, you are not alone.  Typically, one in 10 marketing professionals questions the effectiveness of their lead generation methods. While you may have some of the components of a strong campaign in place, it is possible that you are leaving out a very important ingredient for success: a call to action (CTA). Read more.

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