Landing Pages & Forms & More – Oh My! Capturing Leads Effectively

4 Tricks To Master The Magic Of Modern Lead Generation

The most efficient lead-generation strategy includes a way to capture potential customers’ information.

An effective lead-generation campaign requires several different strategic layers.

Firstly, you must entice potential customers with an exclusive, high-value offer — like ebooks, whitepapers, free consultations, product demonstrations, or discounts. A clear, highly visible call to action (CTA) or two can help ensure they know how to attain it and can encourage them to choose it over your competitors’ offers.

But you’re not done there. Unless you are capturing those quality leads effectively, you could be dropping the ball and missing out on potential customers.

Here are some tips for successfully capturing leads.

Landing pages in lead generation

You absolutely need to have a landing page for your offer. Your CTA should not take the potential customer to your website’s homepage or anywhere else, but rather to a landing page, which provides your offer and captures the lead information.

Landing pages are one of the most important elements of lead generation and are effective for 94% of B2B and B2C companies, according to research done by MarketingSherpa. A great landing page:

  • Describes the offer
  • Does not include links to other things on your website that will distract the lead and perhaps send them elsewhere before you can obtain their information
  • Is simple and not cluttered with information but emphasizes the benefits of your offer
  • Has ways to share the offer on social media
  • Has a form to capture the lead information

Capturing leads: It’s all in your form

The last point suggests the next step in your strategy: A good form is how you will successfully capture those leads. It is where your potential customers will provide their contact information in exchange for the special offer you have enticed them with.

So, what makes for a good form?

  • Keep it short. The fewer fields you have in a form, the more likely you will receive conversions.
  • Avoid using the word “submit” on your form. Nobody wants to submit their information, so use a phrase that demonstrates that they are getting something they want by supplying their information — something simple like “Get it free,” or “Download now.”
  • Add a privacy message (or link to your privacy policy) that indicates their email or contact information will not be shared or sold.

Want more leads? Use multiple channels

To generate and capture the most leads possible, completing these steps in just one of your marketing platforms is not enough. Marketers should utilize multiple channels in order to maximize their lead-generation efforts.

The objective is to make it easy for buyers to research, evaluate, and purchase products in any way that is most appropriate for them. Some leads may find you through your blog, some through social media, and some through organic search (which is why all of your content should be SEO-friendly). Thus, you should make sure you are promoting your special offers, effectively placing CTAs, and properly using landing pages and forms in every facet of your digital presence.

Such an efficient, multi-layer lead-generation strategy can reduce your cost per lead while delivering higher quality prospects to your sales team.

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