Top 6 Robotics Blogs for Industry News, Trends, and Insights

Top 6 Robotics Blogs for Industry News, Trends, and Insights

These 6 robotics blogs are our favorite reads for gathering information, analyzing issues, and staying current in an industry that is rapidly changing every day.


  • Follow these 6 blogs for the latest on the robotics industry.
  • Featuring a variety of expert perspectives analyzing issues and trends
  • Get everything from the big headlines to niche opinion pieces

It’s not easy keeping pace with the latest developments in robotics, an industry where changes are happening swiftly and often. Not only that, sorting through masses of media sites and conversations to find informed, up-to-date coverage of these changes can be utterly overwhelming.

Luckily, there are places where you can find the kind of information and analysis you need. These 6 robotics blogs are on our reading list — and we think they should be on yours, too. Here, you’ll find blogs that focus completely on covering news, trends, and issues within the robotics industry.

Top 6 robotics blogs for industry news, trends, and insights

1.      Robohub

Robohub covers all things robotics, drawing from a dedicated global community and featuring many different perspectives including robotics research, start-ups, business, and education. It’s one of the more prolific blogs in the industry, sometimes publishing several posts per day.

[bctt tweet=”If you’re looking for timely information presented thoughtfully by knowledgeable people in the industry, start with Robohub.” username=”Fronetics”]

Robohub describes itself as “more than just an online robotics news site.” If you’re looking for timely information presented thoughtfully by knowledgeable people in the industry, start with Robohub.


The Robotics Industries Association’s online presence,, has both a news stream, which releases the latest from the robotics industry, and an Industry Insights stream, where you can find expert analysis of the latest issues. The site posts frequently and is a great go-to for the big news in the industry, as well as some insightful analysis.

3.      RoboGlobal News

When you’re looking for a quick rundown of the latest headlines in robotics, as well as occasional posts offering deeper insights, RoboGlobal is a great resource. It explores “the rapidly evolving universe of Robotics, Automation, and Artificial Intelligence” from an investment perspective, making it a great resource for businesses. RoboGlobal tracks trends in robotics stocks, while the News blog examines overall trends in the industry.

4.      Robotics Business Review

The Robotics Business Review describes itself as “the largest, most comprehensive online robotics news and information resource.” It generally posts several times a day, about all aspects of the business of robotics — including AI, manufacturing, the supply chain, drones, health care, CRO, and more. The posts that are publicly viewable are only short abstracts — to see complete articles, you must pay a yearly membership fee.

5.      The Robot Report

Headed up by roboticist Frank Tobe, The Robot Report follows the business of robotics and reports regularly on developments from across the industry, including academia and research, technologies, design and development, markets, and investments. Tobe is also the co-founder of Robo-Stox, which is now Robo-Global, a tracking index for the robotics industry. He brings this perspective to the articles he curates and authors.

6.      Robotics Industry News, Applications, and Trends at Robotiq

Robotiq posts news stories weekly about the robotics industry. The majority of their coverage focuses on collaborative robots and the technical issues surrounding robotic grasping, force sensing, and robot vision — since they manufacture grippers, force sensors, and cameras. However, they additionally post about robotic fundamentals and offer industry insights.

Which robotics blogs are you following?

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