Have You Thought about Doing a Webinar?

Have You Thought about Doing a Webinar?

A webinar is an excellent content medium to generate leads to or nurture those already in your sales funnel.

Maybe you’ve taken a webinar to enhance your professional skills. Did you know that webinars can be beneficial not only to the students, but also to the business providing them?

In content marketing, we consider a webinar content that your target audience will find valuable. You can leverage this value to move them through the buyer’s journey — whether it’s becoming a lead by providing their contact information in exchange for attendance, or by using the webinar strategically in the lead-nurturing process.

What content should I use in my webinar?

In a recent interview, Amy Porterfield, online marketing expert and the host of Online Marketing Made Easy Podcast, shares her ideas about what content should be part of a webinar and what webinars should sell.

“Webinars are ideal when you’re selling knowledge. The product allows someone to continue learning in a medium that’s similar to the webinar itself.” Amy Porterfield Click To Tweet

Porterfield suggests that live online workshops and pre-recorded courses sell well in a webinar, whereas physical products are less effectively sold in this format. “So before you choose a webinar to sell your product or service, think about how the thing you’re selling is or isn’t like a webinar experience.”

How is a webinar different from my other content?

What separates your free content (like blogs, social media, podcasts, etc.) from paid content like a webinar?

Porterfield emphasizes that, while free content explains the “What” of your products and services, “your paid content explains the How.” She suggests that a successful webinar will “paint a picture using images and really powerful words and stories.”

Your attendees should leave the webinar feeling that they’ve learned something valuable, and that they are ready to take the next step — which should be considering your product or services. “When you begin selling in your webinar, focus on how your paid program, online product, consulting, or coaching helps attendees achieve the opportunity, transformation, or result you’ve just explained,” says Porterfield.

She also suggests bringing your target audience’s obstacles to the forefront of the conversation. “Clearly articulating the obstacles lets your audience understand them on your terms and creates a well-defined pathway for your product or service to help them overcome the obstacles. Essentially, you want to provide enough information so that your product is the next logical step.”

Have you tried creating a webinar?

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