Repurposed and repackaged, your existing content is a valuable asset for your sales force throughout the buyer’s journey.

If you’re a supply chain marketing professional, it’s likely that you spend a tremendous portion of your day researching, creating, packaging, and disseminating content. Your hard work is all about growing brand awareness and building your reputation as a trusted industry thought-leader — all with the goal of having that work eventually convert leads.

But, consider this: When it comes to engaging prospects and clients, only 20% of salespeople actually use content. When we know that potential buyers are far more willing to engage with someone offering them information and insight, why are B2B businesses abandoning content as soon as prospects are handed over to sales?

B2B buyers prefer content throughout the buying journey

According to DemandGen’s 2018 Content Preferences Survey Report, “Buyers are becoming increasingly more selective in the content they are consuming,” relying more on “trustworthy sources, industry influencers, and their peers to educate themselves.” And furthermore, 88% of those survey respondents want less focus on product specifics and more on the value that product can bring to their business.

Buyers are becoming increasingly more selective in the content they are consuming, relying more on trustworthy sources, industry influencers, and their peers to educate themselves. Click To Tweet

And on the other side of that coin, according to HubSpot writer and marketing expert Bethany Cartwright, sales reps spend about 15% of their day leaving voicemails, and only about 20% of all sales emails are ever opened. “This means 80-85% of sales outreach efforts are going unnoticed by those prospects you’ve worked so hard to capture with content,” writes Cartwright.

It’s time to start leveraging your content throughout the buyer’s journey by arming your sales force with content. Before you panic at the idea of creating reams of new content, take a breath. It’s more than likely that you can repurpose your existing content, optimized to give your sales force the tools they need to close deals.

So how do you go about repurposing your content and giving your sales force the best possible tools with which to convert prospects to buyers? Web Profits co-founder and author Sujan Patel suggests “mapping content generated by your marketing team to each stage of your customer’s buying journey.” We’ve created the infographic below to help you optimize content for each of the three stages of the buyer’s journey.

Infographic: Delivering content throughout the buyer’s journey

Delivering Content throughout the Buyer’s Journey to Help Your Sales Team Close Deals

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