Infographic: How to Measure Content Marketing ROI in 4 Easy Steps

Infographic: How to Measure Content Marketing ROI in 4 Easy Steps

Here are four simple steps to measure your company’s content marketing ROI and the success of your content marketing strategy.

Measuring your content marketing ROI gives you valuable insight into what’s working (and what’s not) with your content marketing strategy. It’s important to measure if your efforts are profitable so you know where to put your time and money.

Content marketing ROI is harder to quantify than just tracking how many likes your social media pages have. But tracking certain metrics is important for understanding how your content marketing activities are performing. Keeping a close eye on your ROI allows you to make cost-effective marketing choices and to avoid costly mistakes.

In the article, How to Measure Content Marketing ROI: A Simple 4 Step Process, eCommerce content marketing and SEO consultant Bill Widmer breaks down the simple four-step process that will quickly — and effectively — measure your content marketing ROI.

Every company has specific key performance indicators (KPIs) that help shape their marketing strategy. These KPIs will be the foundation for measuring your content marketing ROI.

Infographic: How to measure your content marketing ROI in four easy steps

4 steps to measuring content marketing ROI

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We all want to see the fruits of our labors. Whether launching a new social media campaign or creating new videos for your blog, we look for instantaneous numbers that will affirm we made the right choices. Calculating ROI might take some time – both in the few extra minutes to do the math and the amount of time that needs to pass before all the data is available — but that number will be invaluable to you.

Want to measure your content marketing ROI?

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