Results driven marketing with a targeted ROI

results driven marketing

Marketing that drives success and elevates brand position.

Fronetics Strategic Advisors is a management consulting firm.  Since the company was founded we have worked with companies to identify and execute strategies for growth and value creation.  We have advised and worked with companies on their most critical issues and opportunities: strategyorganizationtalent acquisitionperformance management, and M&A support.

In addition to the more traditional consulting services we offer, we have working with companies to create and execute marketing strategies that drive success and elevate their brand position within the industry.  Unlike other firms, we are able to draw upon our business expertise and align marketing programs with business objectives and, through a data driven approach, are able to deliver results with a targeted ROI.

We work with clients to develop and implement effective digital and content marketing strategies and to create content including blog posts, articles, case studies, eBooks, and white papers.  We also offer social media management.

The following are results realized by three of our clients:


Client A

Industry: Consulting

Timeframe: 21 months


Over the period of 21 months, Client A gained 6 customers and increased revenue by 93%

Traffic to the website increased by 11,045%.  Traffic from all sources increased significantly; direct traffic and traffic driven by social media realized the greatest increase.

Source % change
Social Media 82,900%
Direct Traffic 67,800%
Organic Search 9,380%
Email Marketing 5,900%
Referrals 1,030%
Total 11,045%


Client B

Industry: Real estate

Timeframe: 3 months


Over the period of 3 months, Client B. realized an 88% increase in inquiries and a 39% increase in home sales.

Traffic to the website increased by 248%.  Traffic from social media and from referrals realized the greatest increases.

Source % change
Social Media 894%
Direct Traffic 159%
Organic Search 157%
Referrals 360%
Total 248%


Client C

Industry: Foodservice

Timeframe: 11 months


The client has realized a visit to lead conversation rate equal to 50% above the industry average.

The client, per industry standards, realized a savings of 13% per lead.

Traffic to the website increased by 119%.  Traffic generated by organic search and social media were the primary drivers of increased traffic.

Source % change
Organic Search 231%
Social Media 166%
Direct Traffic 53%
Referrals 22%
Total 119%

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