Top 10 talent blog posts of 2014

top 10 talent blog posts of 2014

The  start of a new year generally brings with it a host of resolutions.  For individuals finding and landing a new job, or advancing in their current job are common resolutions.  For companies, identifying talent, hiring, and retaining great talent are typical goals for the new year.

At Fronetics we work  with clients to understand and execute on talent acquisition, performance management, learning and development, and succession management. We also work with clients to design and develop roles and responsibilities, on leadership development, mentoring and counseling, and on performance management and compensation strategies.

Throughout 2014 we have created content focused on talent.  Topics have included: networking; how to identify and hire top top talent; and how to solve the supply chain talent crisis.  We have identified the most popular talent blog posts of 2014, #1 receiving the most pageviews.

Here are the top talent blog posts of 2014

1. Network your face off: Why networking is essential

Kathryn Minshew, founder and CEO of The Muse and The Daily Muse, began a piece for the Harvard Business Blog Network with this sage advice: “Network Your Face Off.”  The truth and value of this statement cannot be underestimated.  Here are 5 reasons why networking is essential and why connections matter.  Read the full blog post.

2. Here is why CrossFitters make great employees

CrossFitters recognize that good outcomes only come with hard work, and lots of it.  For that reason, it generally attracts people who are willing to make sacrifices and go the extra mile to get results both in the gym and at work.  If you want to hire top performers who have staying power hire people who do CrossFit. Here are eight reasons why CrossFitters make great employees.  Read the full blog post.

3. How to solve the supply chain talent crisis: a supply chain recruiter shares his ideas

The supply chain industry has a talent crisis. The question is: how can we solve this crisis? To answer this question I turned to Rodney Apple, founder of the SCM Talent Group.  Apple has worked as a supply chain recruiter for the majority of his 19+ year career within the staffing industry and he has filled more than 1,000 positions within the industry ranging from executive-level in Fortune 500 headquarters settings to leadership and staff-level roles across large networks of manufacturing and distribution facilities within North America.  Apple’s role affords him the ability to witness the talent crisis from the perspective of the industry, the company, and the job seeker.  Read the full blog post.

4. Want to fill the supply chain talent gap? Re-brand the supply chain

Here’s the thing – the supply chain industry is perceived by those outside the industry as having no “wow” factor whatsoever.  If the supply chain industry is going to attract new and qualified talent, it needs a face lift.  It is time for the supply chain industry to re- brand itself.  Read the full blog post.

5. How to spot great supply chain talent

Wouldn’t it be nice if great talent looked like Waldo?  If great talent looked like Waldo we could simply look at the pool of candidates and be able to identify them by their telltale red and white striped shirt.  Unfortunately, great talent doesn’t show itself like our friend Waldo.  Given this, how can the supply chain industry spot great talent? Read the full blog post.

6.  Why your recruitment strategy is failing and what you can do to fix it

Be honest.  How does your company approach talent acquisition?  Is it viewed as a cost center or is it viewed as a strategic department, crucial to the success and growth of your business?  If your answer is the former, it is time to rethink your approach. Read the full blog post.

7. How to optimize your LinkedIn profile

With more than 240 million active users, LinkedIn is one of the largest social media networks.  LinkedIn is an incredible tool for networking and professional development.  LinkedIn is also an essential component in a job search strategy.  Optimizing your LinkedIn profile is crucial to your success.  Read the full blog post.

8. How to attract great supply chain talent

If the supply chain industry is going to attract new and qualified talent, it needs a face lift.  The industry needs to be proactive.  It needs to communicate what it is, what is currently happening within the industry, and what is in store for the future. Who is responsible for making change possible?  You.  Read the full blog post.

9.  9 career resolutions everyone should make

After the ball has dropped and after the champagne has been drunk, the New Year will begin.  Forty-five percent of American’s will start the New Year with at least one resolution.  Whether or not you are typically a resolution-maker, the New Year is a great time to evaluate your career and set goals.  Here are nine career resolutions everyone should make.  Read the full blog post.

10. Whining won’t get you to the top

Whining. Just writing the word makes me cringe. Whining is a truly unattractive characteristic. It is unattractive in children and it is even more unattractive when adults partake. One of the reasons why whining is just so unattractive is that it is ineffective and it can make a brilliant leader look like, well, like a blithering child. Read the full blog post.

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