Top Podcasts for Packaging and Supply Chain Professionals

Top Podcasts for Packaging and Supply Chain Professionals

Looking for ways to make your morning commute more productive? These 4 podcasts for packaging and supply chain professionals are on our must-listen list.


  • Download podcast episodes for on-the-go access to innovations, insights, and analysis from leading industry figures.
  • Talking Logistics with Adrian Gonzalez is both highly approachable and insightful.
  • SupplyChainBrain’s episode on Trends in Packaging is a must-listen for packaging industry professionals.

It wasn’t all that long ago when the options for the morning commute were limited by what CDs you had in your car (or Walkman) or what was playing on the radio. With the rise of podcasts, we’re no longer stuck choosing between rowdy drive-time radio hosts or NPR. We’ve chosen 4 podcasts for packaging and supply chain professionals that offer top-notch industry analysis, insights, and conversations.

Podcasts are a series of digital audio files that enable users to subscribe and download, so listening on the go doesn’t mean using up your data plan. There are all kinds of podcasts out there on essentially every topic you can imagine. These 4 podcasts for packaging and supply chain professionals will feed your mind, expand your insights, and some might even make you crack a smile!

4 podcasts for packaging and supply chain professionals

1) Talking Logistics with Adrian Gonzalez

We love supply chain and logistics analyst Adrian Gonzalez’s conversational podcast. Listen to a few episodes, and you’ll feel like you’re in on a conversation with your brightest professional contacts. Gonzalez’s easy-to-follow format on Talking Logistics gives it a friendly, casual feel, but it’s bristling with keen insights. The podcast features interviews with industry thought leaders and newsmakers, including supply chain and packaging executives from leading retail companies, academics, authors, and executives from 3PLs.

Recent must-download episodes:

2) SupplyChainBrain

SupplyChainBrain is a series of in-depth conversations with industry leaders, consultants, academics, and experts from every aspect of supply chain management, including packaging. Always current, the podcast has been producing weekly episodes since its launch in 2013. It covers topics like retail shifts, blockchain innovations, labor shortages, and the Internet of Things, and its excellent overview episode “Trends in Packaging: The State of the Art” is a must-listen.

Recent must-download episodes:

3) LogicalLogistics

Though the episodes are older, Bellair Expediting’s podcast is worth listening to, particularly for the packaging industry. It features interviews with executives and experts in transportation, logistics, packaging, and more.

Must-download episodes:

4) Straight Talk with Supply Chain Insights

Research and advisory firm Supply Chain Insights hosts its weekly podcast, Straight Talk, which covers topics from global thinking to trends in data and packaging. Most episodes take the form of conversations and interviews with executives and experts, sharing supply chain and logistics insights.

Recent must-download episodes:

What podcasts for packaging and supply chain professionals have you been listening to lately?

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