Unlocking Your Marketing ROI with Analytics [infographic]

In the age of big data, everything in marketing is measureable – and that’s not necessarily a good thing. As Dimitri Maex of Ogilvy Consulting puts it, “marketers are drowning in numbers because they are focused on what they can measure rather on what they should measure.” Unfocused efforts to evaluate the success of your marketing activities can lead to a host of problems. Central to these problems, though, is the failure to measure and report activities in a way that clearly demonstrates the link between marketing and your company’s bottom line. Check out our infographic that details four marketing metrics guaranteed to resonate with your CEO (and our guide to the 6 marketing metics your boss really cares about).

Marketing ROI

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When it comes to marketing we work with our clients to create and execute strategies that drive success and elevate their brand position within the industry.  Unlike other firms, we align marketing programs with business objectives and, through a data driven approach, are able to deliver results with a targeted ROI. Our team is comprised of strategists, marketing professionals, writers, designers, and experts in social media.  Together we leverage our experience to increase brand awareness, position our clients as thought leaders, drive meaningful engagement with prospects and customers, and help businesses grow.

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