6 companies who are doing well by doing good

supply chain doing well by doing good

There are many companies in the supply chain that are good at what they do.  However, not all companies “do well by doing good.”

Here are 6 companies who are doing well by doing good:

Lego: In a recent move to “significantly reduce [Lego’s] impact on the planet” the company is investing $150 million over 15 years to fund 100+ new employees to work at their sustainable material center in Denmark. The objective is to yield a more environmentally friendly material that will go into making Legos. The company has already been working with environmental groups, cutting packaging sizes, and investing in wind power.

Seventh Generation: In addition to LEED-certified offices, low-emission cars, and efforts to use renewable energy in its manufacturing, the Vermont-based company awards bonuses to employees who dream up more sustainable products for their lines of environmentally-friendly household and personal-hygiene products. They ranked at the top of B Plan’s “best for the environment” list in 2014. They are a company who self-identify as being champions of “honesty, responsibility, and radical transparency in commerce.”

Stonyfield Farms: In working with materials source and supply chain mapping company, Sourcemap, Stonyfield highlights the farmers who provide the main ingredients in their organic food products. By creating transparency in their supply chain, they empower customers to make healthy, informed decisions and they create stronger partnerships with suppliers.

Sustain Condoms: The company focuses on responsibility in more ways than one. They produce fair-trade, vegan condoms and organic, toxic-free lubricants. They concern themselves with social and health issues, as well as the environment: “When we think about sustainability, we don’t just think about the environment. “We think holistically about what is required for the planet and the people living on planet to live in harmony with nature and each other. So, with Sustain Condoms, we look at every aspect of condom manufacturing starting with the rubber tree plantation.” The company also donates 10% of their pre-tax profits to women who are unable to access the healthcare they need.

Patagonia: The large, high-end clothing and outdoor equipment company produces products that are “environmentally preferred”, in other words they are organic, recycled or environmentally sound. The company is utterly focused on being a responsible supply-chain-based company, ensuring safe, legal, fair, and humane working conditions through total transparency. They also give 1% of sales to environmental groups worldwide.

Coca-Cola: On the company’s website, just next to the first tab “Our Company”, you’ll find the tab “Sustainability”. The company claims to focus on three main tenants: “Designing consumer-preferred, resource-efficient packaging; eliminating landfill waste; and using recycled and/or renewable materials”. The company has worked hard to reduce use of plastics, aluminum and glass packaging, while working with such organizations and projects as the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Water for People, Thailand Recovery, and the Little Red Schoolhouse Project to help provide water, shelter, education, and basic needs to people around the world.

The list of companies who do well by doing good is impressive, but certainly not long enough. The supply chain is “longer and more complex” than ever before and the impact on sustainability is massive.


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