Content Drives Sales for Manufacturing and Warehousing Technology Company

Content Drives Sales for Manufacturing and Warehousing Technology Company

A content marketing strategy helped one organization generate leads, increase web traffic, and drive sales and new business.

Why would my company blog? Do we really need to be on social media? What is a white paper, and who would read one that I wrote?

These are questions that many businesses in the manufacturing and warehousing space might ask. They don’t see or understand how they might benefit from content marketing.

TotalTrax might have asked the same sorts of questions several years ago. The company, which provides tracking technologies for manufacturing and warehouse operations, had experienced positive year-over-year growth for a decade. The website got decent traffic. Yet, there was a sense that there were many untapped opportunities for growth.

TotalTrax hired Fronetics Strategic Advisors to create and implement a content marketing plan to maximize the company’s digital presence. TotalTrax wanted to see results in the form of increased web traffic, new and better leads, and revenue. Fast forward 24 months, and that’s exactly what happened.

Content helped TotalTrax to achieve:

  • 19% increase in overall web traffic
  • 500% increase in traffic from social media
  • 244 high-quality leads
  • 30% net increase in new customers
  • 10% growth in sales revenue

To learn more about how Fronetics helped TotalTrax maximize results from a digital and content marketing program, download our case study below.

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