Infographic: 10 of the Best Social Media Analytics Tools (and How They Can Help Your Business)

Infographic: 10 of the Best Social Media Analytics Tools (and How They Can Help Your Business)

An effective social media strategy requires data. Here are our 10 favorite social media analytics tools to empower you with insights that will boost your social media game.


  • Hootsuite and Sprout Social are all-around social media management tools that offer analytics.
  • Google Analytics is an overall powerhouse tool to track the performance of all your digital assets.
  • Newcomers to the list include Awario, Squarelovin, Keyhole, and image analytics tool PixL.

At Fronetics, we believe in a data-driven approach to digital marketing. A solid analytical framework has the potential to offer insights that will shape and refine your strategies, increasing your ability to generate, nurture, and convert leads. We’ve pulled together 10 of the best social media analytics tools to help you determine what’s working and what’s not — and to empower you to develop a data-driven strategy.

Our 10 favorite social media analytics tools

social media analytics tools

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1)      Hootsuite

There are so many tools out there, and our internal list of the best social media analytics tools often shifts. But there are a few platforms that always make the list, and Hootsuite is one of them. It’s one of the most popular social media management tools for a reason – it’s a powerhouse that can manage tasks from scheduling social media publishing to measuring social media ROI.

Hootsuite gives you key metrics from Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram with audience and post insights, as well as performance data. It packages all the data in approachable charts and graphs. One of our favorite features is the AutoSchedule tool, which lets Hootsuite determine the optimal time to post or tweet based on when similar content performed well in the past.

2)      Google Analytics

Another of our perennial favorites, Google Analytics is a robust platform that can provide deep and detailed insights into how your audience is interacting with your digital assets, including social media. This is one of the best social media analytics tools out there, and we’ve written extensively about how to get the most out of it.

For social media analytics, we particularly recommend three custom reports: Best Days to Post on Social Media, Best Time to Post on Social Media, and the Social Media Traffic by Date and Hour. These three reports offer real-time data, along with the in-depth insight you need to help your business optimize its social media strategy.

3)      Awario

Awario analyzes online mentions of your business and gives you statistics on mention growth, reach, mentions’ languages and locations, mention sentiment, and where on the web mentions are occurring. We particularly appreciate that the tool also identifies social media users who have used your keywords and provides you with a list of social media influencers in your specific area.

Benchmarking your social media marketing strategy against your competitors is key to understanding how you’re doing. Awario lets you create alerts for your main competitors and offers you a step-by-step comparison of your social media performance against theirs.

4)      Snaplytics

While all-inclusive tools like Hootsuite and Google Analytics are excellent for evaluating your overall social media strategy, we also recommend a few tools that focus on specific platforms. Snaplytics hones in on Instagram and Snapchat, including offering insights on Instagram Stories.

For both networks, Snaplytics shows you which acquisition methods are performing best for your business, as well as what precipitates rises and falls in engagement levels. Snapchat can be a tricky platform for brands, and Snaplytics provides the kinds of insights you need to make inroads on this millennial-dominated network.

5)      Squarelovin

We’ve written extensively about how supply chain companies can make the most of Instagram and Instagram Stories. Squarelovin is an analytics tool specifically for Instagram that provides you with the data you need to optimize your strategy. It tracks likes and followers, reviews post performance, and measures overall profile engagement.

One of the best social media analytics tools for Instagram out there, Squarelovin highlights the best times to post, ideal filters to use, and most popular hashtags. It also gives you a history of engagement with your posts, broken down by hour.

6)      Keyhole

This social media monitoring tool offers up deep analytics for Twitter and Instagram. Keyhole will show you the total number of posts that include your target keywords, as well as how mention volume has changed over time. It displays engagement data, hashtag usage trends, sentiment metrics, and reach statistics.

Influencers are key on Instagram and Twitter, and influencer marketing should be part of your social media strategy. Keyhole provides insights into influencers and trends in your specific niche, along with audience demographics and locations.

7)      Union Metrics

Union Metrics analyzes a range of metrics from Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Like Hootsuite, it lets you know which content is performing best across each platform, the times when your audience is most active throughout the day, and who your key influencers are.

What really sets Union Metrics apart is in its potential for optimizing content creation. The tool goes above and beyond by tracking relevant trends to help you generate ideas for new content, based on hard performance data.

8)      Sprout Social

Sprout Social is probably Hootsuite’s biggest competitor, and it’s another of our frequent favorites. Like Hootsuite, it’s an all-around social media management tool that provides key analytics as well. It measures performance and engagement across Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter and benchmarks your data against competitors.

Sprout Social also helps you identify your highest performing content and determine why it has performed well. It can also show you how your paid ads are performing through a comparison of paid versus organic impressions and followers gained.

9)      Sotrender

This formidable social media analytics tool shows you where conversations about your brand are happening, which of your content performs best, and how your audience engages with your social media content. Sotrender analyzes Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram and makes it easy for you to benchmark your efforts against your competitors.

We like any tool that not only offers data but gives you advice for improving your strategy. Sotrender offers customized tips on where your marketing strategy needs improvement, based on the analysis it performs.

10)  Scraawl PixL

As the internet, and social media in particular, becomes more visual, experts have pointed to a dearth of analytics tools with the capability to perform rich analysis on images. Scraawl PixL is a relatively new kid on the block, and it’s attempting to fill the void when it comes to image-based analytics.

This high-fidelity, cloud-based video and image processing exploitation tool offers an easy-to-use interface, as well as workflows for analyzing video and image data from online digital platforms. It relies on machine learning-based algorithms that enable face detection and recognition as well as object detection, tracking, and classification.

What are your favorite social media analytics tools?

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