Infographic: This is How Often to Tweet for Your Business

Infographic: This is How Often to Tweet for Your Business

Knowing when and how often to tweet is just as important what you post. Here’s how often your business should be tweeting.


  • Be consistent with your tweeting frequency, while keeping content fresh.
  • To determine how often to tweet for your business, experiment with different posting frequencies, and use analytics tools to track your results.
  • As with any digital marketing endeavor, quality is more important than quantity.

It’s a perennial question we get from our clients: how often should business be posting on social media? The answer varies widely from platform to platform, and the answer for how often to tweet has proved a controversial one.

Back in 2016, in response to a Socialbakers study that suggested that posting to Twitter three times a day is an ideal frequency for brands, Fronetics conducted a study of our own. We determined that for our business, tweeting around 40 times a day is optimal.

What these radically divergent results demonstrate is that the answer to how often to tweet is not a simple one. While the bottom line is that optimal tweeting frequency is unique to every brand, there are 5 best practices your business should be aware of.

5 best practices concerning how often to tweet for your business

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1) Consistency is key

Whether you’re tweeting once a day, or a hundred, being consistent about posting frequency will serve you best. Keeping your posting frequency relatively consistent lets your followers gain confidence that you will set and expectation and meet it. As social media algorithms become less friendly to businesses, it’s all the more important that you bring your followers to you.

2) Keep it fresh

It’s important to point out that consistency is key only when it comes to how often to tweet – not the content you’re publishing. Particularly on Twitter, varying your content is the best way to keep your audience engaged. Use images, GIFs, and videos to make your posts stand out, or ask questions to promote conversation and engage your followers.

3) Experiment

When it comes to how often to tweet for your business, you’ll find all kinds of divergent ready-made answers. But the truth is, there’s no magic number. Your business or your marketing partner needs to determine what works for your unique brand and audience. The best way to do this is to experiment with posting at different times and keep track of your results. In addition to Twitter’s internal analytics, these five tools can help you track and evaluate the results of your experiment.

4) Engage

As with any social media platform, publishing content shouldn’t be your only focus. Engaging with your followers, from comments to retweets, is crucial for generating an active and loyal audience.

In addition, using social media to interact with your audience can help inform your decisions about how often to tweet. When are your followers most active? What kind of content do they want to see from you? Having a conversation with your followers is one of the best ways you can answer this question.

5) Quality matters

There’s no amount of posting frequency that makes up for posting poor quality content. If your content is bad, you’d likely be better off not posting at all. Publishing content that doesn’t interest your audience will lose you followers and leads. No matter how often you’re tweeting, your content needs to be relevant, timely, and engaging.

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