Top 10 Supply Chain and Digital Marketing Articles in 2017… So Far

Top 10 Supply Chain and Digital Marketing Articles in 2017… So Far

Here are our 10 most popular articles covering supply chain and digital marketing, based on our mid-year analysis.

If you ever read this blog, or are familiar with Fronetics, you know we’re big advocates of regularly measuring and analyzing metrics that help you assess your marketing efforts. We don’t just say that: We actually practice what we preach. In fact, I was recently a mid-year audit of our blog content for this very reason.

That’s why I know which articles have been the most read this year. And I know (from past analysis) that our readers really appreciate having curated lists of popular content, so I wanted to share with you our top 10 supply chain and digital marketing articles in 2017… so far.

Top 10 supply chain and digital marketing articles of 2017 (as of 7.1.17)

1) 8 Must-Follow Logistics & Supply Chain Blogs for 2017

These are our picks for the best blogs in the logistics and supply chain industries. They cover a range of topics, from technology to strategy, and feature thought leadership by some of the brightest minds in the field. Read post

2) What’s the Difference Between Supply Chain Management and Logistics [Infographic]

This guest post from Argentus Supply Chain Recruiting, a boutique recruitment firm specializing in Supply Chain Management and Procurement, includes an infographic shedding light on the differences between these often-confused functions. Read post

3) How to Write Better Headlines for LinkedIn Content in 2017

Buzzsumo’s Steve Rayson used data to analyze patterns the most popular content posted on LinkedIn in 2016. He identified headlines and topics that were most successful. The results are really interesting and say a lot about what content resonates with the general LinkedIn community. Read post

4) This Is How Often B2B Businesses Should Post on Social Media

With social media networks changing daily, it’s hard to keep up with where to distribute content, much less how often. Countless studies have attempted to solve the social-media-frequency equation. And while audiences vary across industries, best practices give us some general guidelines. Here’s our assessment of social media posting frequency. Read post

5) Women In Trucking’s Ellen Voie Paves the Way for Women Drivers & Managers

Ellen Voie is successfully breaking down barriers and changing the perception of the trucking industry. As founder and president of Women In Trucking (WIT), Voie and her team work to promote the organization’s mission “to encourage the employment of women in the trucking industry, promote their accomplishments, and minimize obstacles faced by women working in the industry.” I interviewed her about her path to success. Read post

6) The Top 3 Logistics and Supply Chain Blogs of 2017 – Readers’ Choice!

Every year we ask our readers to vote for the best industry blogs. The results are always interesting — there’s really a lot of great supply chain and logistics content out there, plus it’s great to see where our readers are finding value. This year, they voted Morai Logistics, Women in Trucking, and the Oracle Supply Chain Management Blog as the top 3 logistics and supply chain blogs of 2017. Read post

7) 4 Tools to Determine the Best Time to Post on Social Media for Your Business

There is a lot of research out there that highlights the optimal time to post on various social media platforms. But, the truth is, there is no one-size-fits-all social media posting solution. You need to know the best time for your business to post content. You want more than just a general idea of when to post. You want specific information about your target audience — when they’re actively scrolling, reading, watching and liking your content. These tools can help. Read post

8) Instagram Stories: How the Supply Chain Can Use Them to Engage Prospects and Customers

Instagram’s recently launched feature, Instagram Stories, offers marketers a new platform for content delivery that is wildly popular with millennials (who are shaping B2B buying). But unlike other networks with short-term video-sharing opportunities (ahem, Snapchat), Stories can have a polished, professional feel that well suits B2B brands. Here’s what they are and some ideas for how to use them. Read post

9) The Impact of Autonomous Vehicles on the Trucking Industry

This article is part of a series of articles written by MBA students from the University of New Hampshire Peter T. Paul College of Business and Economics. Jacob Rossman discusses the inevitable rise of autonomous trucks and the social and economic factors driving the progression of their technology. Read post

10) Supply Chain Putting the “Star” in Starbucks

Another article by an MBA student, Meghan Sargent looks at Starbuck’s often-studied supply chain management practices, which, according to some, make Starbucks’ coffee and customer experience superior to those of its competitors. She asks: What exactly is Starbucks doing differently than other international coffee retailers? Is its coffee truly better? Read post

Honorable mentions

I couldn’t leave out these posts, which almost cracked the top 10!

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